The Rangers outfield changed drastically throughout the 2021 season. 2 of the 3 outfielders who started on Opening Day were not on the team the final day of the season (Joey Gallo and David Dahl). We also saw many new faces on the roster including rookie sensation Adolis Garcia who become a staple in the Rangers lineup bouncing from center to right. With John Daniels and Chris Young actively shaping the roster, the outfield is set to feature more of those changes in 2022. 


Left Field – Seiya Suzuki – Once again starting off these predictions bold I think that once the lockout finally comes to an end the Rangers will sign Japanese star Seiya Suzuki. Both the Rangers and Suzuki have mutual interests with each other. We have seen the Rangers have success in the Japanese posting market before signing Yu Darvish and most recently Kohei Arihara. Last season in the NPB ( Nippon Professional Baseball) Suzuki hit .317 with 38 home runs and 88 RBIs. We obviously have to take those numbers with a grain of salt because the NPB and MLB talent levels are drastically different but we know that Suzuki can hit. Suzuki also features a solid glove that will fit right into left field for the Rangers. 


Center Field – Adolis Garcia – Before the 2021 season the casual Rangers fan had no idea who Adolis Garcia was. By May every fan in all of baseball knew how good El Bombi was. Garcia broke onto the scene in 2021 hitting .243 with 31 home runs and 90 RBIs. Adolis was named to the MLB all-star team and shattered many Rangers’ rookie records. It is safe to say that to start the 2022 season Adolis has earned the right to play every day. I believe that Garcia will move back to center field in 2022. Garcia definitely has the capability to play the position as well saw him do it last year at a very high level. I think that the new additions of Corey Seager and Marcus Semien will help take some of the offensive workload off of Garcia and will allow him to be more consistent at the plate this season. 


Right Field – Kole Calhoun – The signing of Kole Calhoun kind of got lost within the Marcus Semien and Corey Seager signings. Calhoun will slide into right field and could be a very solid player. Calhoun has a really good glove in right field, not quite Joey Gallo level but definitely good enough. Last season Calhoun with hit hard with injuries only getting 166 at-bats with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Rangers are not expecting Calhoun to be the MVP of their team by any means. Texas is looking for Calhoun to be a defensive reliability and provide a solid left-handed bat at the bottom of the lineup. With the expectations for Calhoun not too high, I think he has a chance to put together a really solid year. 


Overall this will be an interesting year for the Rangers outfield. We will have to watch what they do after the lockout. Do they pull the trigger on Seiya Suzuki or do they go after someone else such as Nick Castellanos? We certainly have to watch how Adolis Garcia performs in his sophomore season. We will also have to look at other guys not mentioned in the predictions. Such as Willie Calhoun and Leody Tavares. For Calhoun, it is pretty clear that he is going to make the team but he may have limited opportunities to play. Will we get 2019 Willie Calhoun or will we get the Calhoun we have seen since then? 2022 is a make or break for Leody Tavares. Tavares has to show that he can hit at the Major League level in what little opportunities that he may get. The Rangers outfield has changed a lot these past few years and is set to do the same in 2022. The new additions and familiar faces have a chance to leave their stamp on Globe Life Field for many years to come. 

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