Dallas Stars President and CEO continues to further cement his name in the growth of hockey in Texas. Not only is he a President on an NHL team, but Alberts also finds other ways to expand the sport in the Lone Star State – from the NHL to youth hockey.
The President also has his fingerprints all over the 2020 Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl.

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Brad Alberts has been the President and CEO of both the Dallas Stars and the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate since 2018. In that time, he has overseen both clubs to win banners as western conference champions (Texas in 2018 and Dallas in 2020) in their respective leagues. Dallas has missed the playoffs only once this far in an entire season under Alberts’ watch. That was, of course, an injury-plagued 2021 campaign. Hopes for the Dallas Stars rejoining the playoff bracket for 2022 is highly favorable.

Alberts did a lot for the 2020 Winter Classic to help get an outdoor hockey game in Texas. It was the first outdoor NHL game to feature not just one but two “nontraditional” NHL markets. The Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators. Two southern NHL teams.

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Brad Alberts chimed in with the media about the annual event being played at the Cotton Bowl.

“The history and nostalgia here are unlike any other venue in our city,” Alberts said. “For many years, the Cotton Bowl was the beginning of a great day of college football on New Year’s Day. We, along with the Predators and the NHL, are happy to bring back the tradition of a marquee event at this historic venue on the first of January.”

Not only does Brad Alberts work hard to expand interest in Dallas Stars hockey, but he has also floated interest in Texas getting another hockey team in the future. The Arizona Coyotes, with respect to a new (also old) divisional rival for the Stars, are going through some tough times. So an NHL team in Houston would certainly spice up the NHL. Texas hockey would become even more fun.

Especially so to say if there were to be an outdoor game at NRG stadium. With the Houston Coyotes hosting the Dallas Stars for a February Stadium Series tilt. Obviously hypothetical. But one can dream. And, of course, we’ve already had an all-southern hockey matchup for a Winter Classic game at the Cotton Bowl.

Outside of the NHL, Brad Alberts also continues to help build interest in youth hockey across the state. Alberts teamed up with former Stars goalie Marty Turco and the Dallas Stars Foundation to reach out to more kids to get involved with hockey. These efforts included connecting with women and minorities as well. Across the board, all demographics are more interested in hockey.

Stars’ owner Tom Gaglardi has complete confidence in his CEO.

“Brad is well-trained,” he says. “He has been around some of the best people in sports and has a good understanding of what really matters. I’d also call him a modern leader. He’s got the toolbox to work in modern times … that ability to bridge the old to the modern.”

Brad Alberts has earned any and all accolades from the Dallas Stars’ ownership to the fans and the media.

Working very hard to make the franchise competitive, and must watch for the fans.

Combining Alberts’ work with the Stars to his outreach in the community, Dallas continues to grow as a hockey town, and Texas is growing into more and more of a hockey state by the day.

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