After what feels like an eternity to all football fans, the season is merely a few days away. What better way to begin the new season than with the defending Superbowl champions taking on the Dallas Cowboys.
Normally, teams wouldn’t want to face off against Tampa Bay out of the gate after watching the Super Bowl, but it’s a completely different story for the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have an odd reason why the Bucs are a great Week 1 opponent.

For starters, this gives way for Dallas to measure themselves against a tough opponent. The Bucs returned all 22 of their starters from the previous season that ended with them holding the Lombardi trophy. Now entering year two of Tampa Bay being together, it’s safe to assume the team could be tougher now that there is an off-season.


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This won’t be an easy task for the Cowboys, but it is what some may call a “win/win” situation with Dallas.

If the Cowboys were to win the game, it suddenly becomes a beacon of hope for the new year. Beating the Buccaneers in their home to start the year would be a dramatic boost for all of Cowboys Nation.

Fans and players will be looking at the season knowing they have the potential of creating something special in Dallas this year.

A win in Tampa Bay sets up a winning streak that could rival Dallas’ run back in 2016 with Dak as a rookie.

However, if the Cowboys were to start with a loss in Week 1, well, then it serves as a reality check for many players and coaches. This also serves as the perfect way for the Cowboys to prepare for their next 8 games, in which Dallas plays ZERO teams with winning records in 2020.

Granted, every season is different, yet the teams the Cowboys play after Tampa Bay aren’t to the level of the Buccaneers.

This could allow Dallas to get their groove back during that eight-game stretch. If the Cowboys can get back on track during those two months of football, the season could easily be turned around.

The season will be a long one, especially with the NFL adding another week into the regular season. However, Week 1 for the Cowboys will be a game many look back at when talking about the results of this year.
This game, good or bad, will have a big effect on the season, but Dallas can always get better in the end.
It’s not how you start but how you finish.”

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