The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. What do the Rangers do with Joey Gallo? This has been the topic among Ranger fans for a long time now, but the time has come for the Rangers to really buckle down with the star outfielder.

Now everyone knows Gallo’s agent is Scott Boras who is by far one of the biggest names in sports. His track record suggests he won’t want to negotiate a new deal mid-season, especially with another season before Gallo reaches free agency. It’s a good agent move, but if you’re the Rangers, you have to make the decision now whether you want to risk waiting that long, offering Gallo a deal, and losing out on him to another team like the Padres or Yankees (eye roll) without getting anything in return.

Coming off his second AL All-Star selection, Gallo is riding a hot hand in the field and at the plate. Since June 1st, he has a .267 batting average, which is REALLY good for the type of hitter Joey is. He has accumulated 25 walks, 11 home runs, and 21 RBI a a little over a month. In his 52 games before June, he only had 9 home runs, 25 RBI and an ugly .216 batting average. To say he’s hot is an accurate statement.

His defense has improved over the years as well, earning his first Gold Glove in 2020. Factor that into his trade value and you’re looking a decent haul for the stud outfielder. Just look at one of the plays that justifies his GG award:

Want my advice? It’s time to trade Gallo now. Now before you start a riot, hear me out. There are the 2 teams I mentioned earlier that could be very interested in him, and that’s the Padres, led by former Texas Ranger assistant GM AJ Preller, along with the Yankees who seem to be in every rumor every season with Brian Cashman as GM.

The offers will include prospects, but the level and number will be interesting to watch. Teams won’t want to give too much up unless they have a commitment from Gallo for a long term contract in place. Right now, the Rangers can get a MLB ready player, along with multiple prospects for Gallo and Gibson in a deal. We all know Gibson is having his best year as a pro, and having his first All-Star selection is only increasing his value. With the leverage the Rangers have with both Yankees and Padres interested, it would be a terrible idea not to listen to the offers coming across the table.

Joey Gallo is the face of the Rangers today, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be traded. The Rangers will really need to consider Gallo’s future with the team, and if it makes sense, it may be time to move the star outfielder.

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