In a difficult time during the season, it’s fun to inspect the one consistently great aspect of the FC Dallas organization, which is their academy system.
Year after year, the club produces players that take their trade overseas and produce in the best leagues.

With the impending transfers of Justin Che and Dante Sealy, who will be the next U18 player to leave to a big club for a seven-figure transfer?

Matthew Corcoran

Every FC Dallas fan knows this kid’s name by heart at this point. He’s already appeared in a match or two for North Texas SC and will probably become a starter for the side by next year.

At only 15 years of age, Corcoran can control the ball in the midfield and dictate play while also covering the field. His passing skills mimic that of fellow academy graduate Edwin Cerrillo, but he also seems to have a little bit of Carlos Gruezo in him. However, his talent on the ball makes him so valuable and attracts interest from teams all over Europe.

Photo: FC Dallas

It’s very likely that Corcoran doesn’t even play more than 5 matches this season for NTSC, gets signed by the first team in 2022, and is sent on training stints to Europe until he is 18. It fits the mold that Dante Sealy has followed over the past two years. Let’s cross our fingers and hope he sees some minutes in an FC Dallas jersey before his inevitable departure.

Antonio Carrera

Carrera has been the fourth keeper in FC Dallas training since the start of the preseason this year. The 17-year-old is the younger brother of Nico Carrera, another FC Dallas graduate who left for Germany before the club had the opportunity to sign him. Unlike Nico, though, it seems like Antonio will probably sign with the club before leaving for Europe.

Furthermore, there is a decent chance he might get minutes for the first team at some point in the next 3-4 years.

Both Maurer and Zobeck are over thirty. Neither Richard Sanchez nor Colin Shutler are young enough or talented enough to contribute to the first team for the next decade. Phelipe will probably leave at some point for Europe in the next couple of years.

It’s unlikely that Carrera will become a starter for the club anytime soon. He might not actually be the starting keeper before he leaves. However, out of the three on this list, he seems to be the one most poised to have a long-term impact at the club.

Nighte Pickering

Nighte is probably the one on the list that people know the least about, but like Carrera, he has been actively participating in training in place of the injured Jesus Ferreira.

The striker position is a difficult position to become a starter at a young age. Just ask Ricardo Pepi, who is definitely talented enough to start for the first team. However, it interesting that Pickering played during preseason for NTSC and has continued training with the first team even though Ferreira has begun to train individually.

Pickering is different from the other two because he is largely unknown by FC Dallas fans. However, as he continues to grow and sharpen his offensive skills, he might become a talent that the club sells for profit in the future.

What other academy players do you believe are poised for a European transfer in the next five years?
Collin Smith? Julian Eyestone?

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