The Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway minus the Dallas Stars but that doesn’t mean their fans shouldn’t get in on the fun. Stars fans get to watch the playoffs minus the stress, especially after last year’s Stanley Cup Final run. 16 teams are underway in eight series with lots of action already hitting the ice. Here are some of the things that happened last week.

Get well soon John Tavares. It was a freak accident involving former Stars player Corey Perry. The Montreal Canadiens forward tried to move out of the way of the Maple Leafs’ captain Tavares who was prone on the ice after a previous hit. Perry’s knee collided with Tavares’ face on full impact. Medics stretchered Tavares off the ice in a scary situation and taken to the hospital. Good news today as Tavares is already back home. He did receive a concussion on the play and everyone wishes him a speedy recovery.

Three teams Stars fans don’t want to see win the Stanley Cup are the Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche are up in their series against the Panthers and Blues, respectively. The Blues are now down 3-0 in their series.

In non-playoff news, the NHL Draft Lottery is on June 2nd. The odds for the Stars are awful but anything can happen. They have a 1.4% chance of winning the 1st overall pick and a 2.9% chance of winning a top-two pick. The Stars won the 3rd overall pick in the 2017 Draft Lottery so anything can happen.

Speaking as a Stars fan, these playoffs are generally enjoyable so far. Lots of overtime and one-goal games are enough to make any hockey fan excited. We are getting elimination games coming up soon because the Blues and Bruins are down with the other teams winning three games in each series.

Hockey playoffs are stressful with your team in it. Stars fans went through extreme levels of stress throughout the 2020 run to the Stanley Cup Final. I’m still recovering from that Second Round Game 7 Overtime winner against the Avalanche last season. I’d prefer the Stars in the playoffs but with them out, Stars fans can enjoy the playoffs as a neutral.


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