It’s way too early to start predicting possible trades for the trade deadline.
However, let’s see who could be moved.

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The Rangers came into the season knowing that this was a year of evaluation. Even if they didn’t just lose 6 straight games, they were likely to be sellers at the deadline. Although, don’t dismiss them as buyers. Not buyers looking to capture that last wildcard spot, but buyers who add a piece with long-term control for the future, just like they did with Cole Hamels in 2015. At the time of the Hamels trade Texas was 50-52. They were 7 games back of the Astros and 5 games behind the second-place Angels.

The issue with 2021 is deciding who will actually be buyers and sellers this early. There are currently 25 teams out of 30 who are either leading their division or are within 4 games of the wildcard. Predictions are useless, but we can speculate on who might be good trade partners.


RHP Kyle Gibson

  • Potential teams interested: Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Padres, Royals, Twins

Gibson is likely to bring the most return of the players who are likely to be moved. He has a year of control after this one and is pitching like an ace. The return for Gibson would likely be at least one top 30-prospect from another team, along with a lower-level guy who has upside.

RHP Mike Foltynewicz

  • Potential teams interested: Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Padres, Royals, Twins

Foltynewicz will be much cheaper than Gibson unless he is consistent over the next couple of months leading up to the deadline. Teams missing out on Gibson or another frontline starter may see him as a cheaper alternative who could upgrade the back end of their rotation heading into the playoffs.

The return for Folty would likely be cash considerations and low-end, high ceiling prospects. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rangers get a PTBNL at the last minute. Likely a choice out of a selected group of players to choose from.

RHP Ian Kennedy

  • Potential teams interested: Reds, Astros, Mets, Rays, Giants

Kennedy is closing games for the Rangers now, but injuries to Jonathan Hernandez and Jose Leclerc are what solidified him as the closer. He has taken advantage of that with 11 saves in 11 opportunities. The return for Kennedy will be enough that you have to give Jon Daniel credit for signing a guy to a minor league deal and flipping him.

My guess is a couple of lower-end prospects or one Top 30 guy from another team.

LHP Joely Rodriguez

  • Potential teams interested: Giants, Astros, Rays; also, anyone needing bullpen help

Rodriguez got off to a slow start because of an ankle injury. He has an option for 2022. Should he put up numbers like last year, he would be a good pickup for someone. His return might be close to what Kennedy would bring in that situation. Especially since you could pick up his option and have him for 22′.


OF Joey Gallo

  • Potential teams interested: Indians, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees

Gallo would bring the biggest return if traded. Texas will not move Gallo if the return isn’t big, and we are NOT talking a Mark Texiera type deal. Those types of deals don’t really happen anymore. Gallo would certainly fetch a Top 100 prospect. He would also fetch a couple of Top 30 guys a team’s organization.

Gallo is a Scott Boras client, which may be why the Rangers are listening. I think both Texas and Gallo would love to get an extension done, but Boras is known for not letting his guys extend. He does have a fleet of private jets that need fuel, after all.

OF Adolis Garcia

  • Potential teams interested: Indians, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees

I put Garcia on here because he is the only other position player that has some value. The Rangers may not be interested in trading Garcia, but why not listen when his value is high.

The Rangers likely see both Garcia and Gallo as future contributors. However, if the market is hot for a producing outfielder, why not sell them when they are at the highest value. Especially since the team is not ready to contend.


There is no reason not to bring up younger players after the trade deadline with a rebuild in place. However, there is a logjam at the top. The following players will most likely be moved if there is any market for them. If not, they may see themselves put on waivers to make room for a youngster, especially if the Rangers fall out of contention.

  • INF Brock Holt
  • INF Charlie Culberson
  • OF Khris Davis
  • RHP Jordan Lyles 

None would bring much of a return but could contribute to a contending team down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Think of Asdrubal Cabrera in 2019; he was DFA’d after the trade deadline and won a World Series with the Washington Nationals.

Talking about trades is always fun, and my track record proves I have no business in a front office.
Alas, I always enjoy pondering what might happen.

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