There’s no questioning the no quit factor in the Dallas Stars.

In their quest for a third consecutive trip to the Stanley Cup playoffs, they are not rolling over. Even while playing the most difficult schedule in the NHL. You cannot have a team like this without character and tough-as-nails guys like Jason Dickinson.

Getting hit in the face has been a constant theme for Dickinson over the years too. He continues to go about his business like many would expect a hockey player to: unfazed. Nobody who is a Stars fan or follows the team in any way is surprised—especially his teammates and coaches.

Photo: Tony Gutierrez/AP

While Jason Dickinson is (in)famously known for getting hit in the face, he’s not afraid to play the physical game either. Dickie can hit and take a hit. Not known to be a fighter, but he’s done that a few times before as well.

The most valuable toughness to Dickie about his toughness is his play as a defensive forward. Kills penalties, wins faceoffs and can play on any of the four lines. He plays a full 200-foot game.

Whether you’re looking at Dickie’s play on the ice, how well he can take a shot to his face, or his durability and consistency, Jason Dickinson is a mainstay in Dallas.
A team that has gone toe to toe with adversity over the last couple of years is personified by Dickinson.

Featured photo: Blackout Dallas
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