The NFL draft has become a crucial tool in building a strong team that can contend for championships. Fans are normally focused on the first three rounds of the draft given that those teams are getting top 100 players.

Yet every year there are many players that slide down the draft for various reasons. It could be due to injuries, character issues, size, or playing at a small program.

Regardless of the reasons, the Dallas Cowboys could benefit in a great way since they currently have six picks in rounds 4 through 7. All of the picks may not turn out to be key players, but landing a few of them as role players would be considered a win for Dallas.

One of the most successful day three picks is current quarterback, Dak Prescott, whom has become a franchise player after being taken in the fourth round in 2016. There are other examples like running back, Tony Pollard or center, Tyler Biadiaz whom both have shown great potential to elevate the Cowboys into a contending team. Over the years the defense has also benefited from day three picks like Xavier Woods, Anthony Brown whom were both sixth round picks.

With the Cowboys coming off a disappointing season, Dallas will be looking to bounce back in a big way. The players we’ll be looking into today are projected to be mid to late round draft picks, but they carry high potential that could help turn things around for the Cowboys.

Photo by Walt Beazley, Arkansas Razorbacks

Jonathan Marshall // DT // Arkansas

Going purely off his stats won’t make Jonathan look like a talented prospect to most fans. However, watching him plug up holes in the middle of the line will change your mind. His physical strength allows him to bully lineman in one on one situations, and his quick burst off the line gets him that edge he needs to disrupt plays. Having Marshall tagging up along side Neville Gallimore could free up the second line of defense to create bigger plays.

Marshall is only a one year starter for the Razorbacks and will turn 24 during his rookie season. Teams could elect to go a different route due to that, but it will only leave the door opened for the Cowboys to snatch him up as a late round pick. The depth on the defensive line would be much improved with Marshall in their rotation.

Credit: Tribune Photo/MICHAEL CATERINA

Daelin Hayes // Edge // Notre Dame

Hayes has the traits teams look for when talking about a developmental player. His athleticism and quickness displayed on the field leaves much to be desired from him. Hayes has a deadly spin move that can create space for him to attack at will. His hands are always up to something while fighting off opposing lineman in order to give him the edge. His rookie season would more than likely have him as a rotational player, but with some good coaching, Hayes could take over opposite of Demarcus Lawrence fairly quick.

Where things go south for Daelin (DAY-lin) are on the injury side. Since high school, Hayes has torn a labrum in his shoulder three times. This leads the question of his durability on the field. If too many teams begin to pass him up, Dallas has the ammo to take a shot on him without missing a beat.

Picture by Ric Tapia via AP

Dylan Moses // LB // Alabama

In both of the last two seasons in which Dylan played the full year, he’s led the team in tackles. Being able to do that for Alabama isn’t an easy task by any means. Dylan’s ability to read plays has allowed him to get the jump on opposing players and ultimately led him to over 160 tackles in those two years. Having a reliable tackler could come in handy for the Cowboys considering the facts that Joe Thomas has elected to play for Houston, and Sean Lee isn’t a sure fire thing for Dallas anymore.

The reason for Dylan’s downfall in the draft will be his medical side. In 2019 he tore his ACL that took him out for the entire season. In 2020 the burst didn’t seem to be the same, yet his production remained the same. Moses has all arrows pointing up with his future in the NFL, which would make it a greater steal if the Cowboys were to use a day three pick on him.

Credit: AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

Shaun Wade // CB // Ohio State

After a promising season in 2019, Wade had all the looks of a future first round pick along side his former teammate Jeff Okudah. Wade made a name for himself for being a gritty corner in the slot that loved fighting receivers for every inch on the field. He wasn’t someone that shied away from contact either, as his tape shows him shedding blocks to meet the ball carriers head on.

However, in 2020 Shaun was moved out to the outside to play corner where it didn’t go as he planned. Receivers were able to catch him jumping the top of the routes too early, which led to him giving up over 500 yards and 6 touchdowns. His game play from 2020 will scare teams away, but as a fifth or sixth round pick, Wade would be a good pickup. Dan Quinn has been known to get good production from his corners, and maybe Wade can return to being that top tier slot corner he once was.

Credit: The Roanoke Times

Divine Deablo // S // Virginia Tech

The 2020 campaign was definitely kind to Deablo as he led his team in both passes deflected and interceptions. It also doesn’t hurt his stock that he loves making contact on the field as seen with over 200 tackles in the last three seasons. The main concern with Divine will be how teams decide to utilize his talents.

Different teams across the league could have Divine listed as either a safety or a linebacker with him weighing in at 226 lbs. Even though his weight is high for a typical safety, that doesn’t matter one bit to Divine as he still managed to run a 4.44 40 yard dash at his pro day. If Dallas can snag him in the fourth round, Divine could be a long tenure player for this defense. His versatility would create many options for Dallas’ defense.

This draft class has plenty of talent spread out at all positions which could work towards Dallas’ benefit. Having ten total picks in the draft will allow the Cowboys to take bigger risks on certain players.

It is due to the amount of picks that these five players could all find themselves wearing a star on their helmet in 2021. While they each may have issues, their potential alone could be worth taking a chance on them.

Who are some of the players you’re looking forward to seeing get called up on day three?

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