There is a history between an NHL franchise, and an NCAA Hockey program is is rarely talked about. There are no apparent connections at first glance between them. But there are times when both green teams have complimented each other in past years, and to this day. This blog will highlight athletes who have played for both teams.

We are starting off with hockey Hall of famer, Ed Belfour. Not only did Crazy Eddie win the Stanley Cup with the Stars in 1999, he also won an NCAA national championship with the University of North Dakota in 1987. One of three players to climb to the top of the plateau for both the green college team, and the green NHL team.

Next up; Craig Ludwig. A three time Stanley Cup winner (Montreal Canadians 1987, 1993, and with the 1999 Stars). Primarily known as one of the best shot blocking defenseman to ever play in the NHL. Won a national championship with North Dakota over one of their biggest rivals in the Wisconsin Badgers in 1982.

The third Dallas Star to win it all with both clubs; Tony Hrkac. Like Ed Belfour, Hrkac won championships with both clubs in 1987, and 1999. He played two seasons with the Dallas Stars. 1998, and splitting time between the Edmonton Oilers before getting traded back to Dallas in 1999.

Currently Rhett Gardner is getting more, and more playing time with the Dallas Stars. Proving to be a hard working, bottom six forward who can provide depth scoring. Team work, and physical play are his biggest attributes.

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On the horizon come Adam Scheel, and Jordan Kawaguchi. Two former teammates who will have instant chemistry with one another that will transfer from college to the pros. At least that’s what Stars’ general manager Jim Bill is hoping for. Barring any trades, because the NHL is a business. Especially in this salary cap world.

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