The last time I attended a Texas Rangers home game was the very last game at Globe Life Park in 2019. I had tickets for the first exhibition game at the new Globe Life Field last season but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Unfortunately I was unable to afford tickets to the postseason series last season so I, along with thousands of other fans, had to wait.


The patience finally paid off this past Tuesday when I finally had a chance to attend my first game at the new ballpark. So I bought tickets for me and one of my best friends Chris and away we went. Now I live 10 minutes away and work five minutes away so I have driven by it several times. By now everyone has heard the complaints about the looks from the outside. It’s been compared to an airport hangar, a barn, and even a hardware store. Because of that appearance fans were quick to judge it without being inside. I waited to formulate an opinion because we were all taught that it’s what is inside that matters the most.


Once stepping inside I was taken away by the views. It may seat less fans than its’ predecessor but it feels just as large. The concessions stands, bathrooms, gift shops, etc. are to your back so you constantly have a 360 degree view of the field unlike Globe Life Park where most views were had by looking down tunnels towards the field. More elevators and escalators also help with the flow of fan traffic.


As far as the seats themselves it is more intimate. The seats, even the blood nose seats, are closer to the field. No matter where you sit you get a great view, with one exception. I have read several fan complaints about the signage on the foul poles that blocks the view of home plate if you sit in the first two seats of each row. Still it’s better than the many obstructed views caused by the beams in the home run porch section at the old ballpark.


I also love the fact that no matter where you sit you can see one of the two huge video boards, not to mention the centerfield out-of-town scoreboard. And speaking of centerfield, I did splurge a bit for the table seating in dead center. We sat at table one with just six rows of tables behind us. To our back was a full bar. We were also right by the main gift shop and the restrooms. We also had table service so we rarely had to leave our seats.


Centerfield seats. Photo by James Holland.


If I were to nickname this ballpark, I would call it the “barn”. One, because of its’ outward appearance and, two, the name harkens back to the early days of baseball and the “barnstorming” teams that would travel from city to city. You can also put to rest any opinions and thoughts that this ballpark resembles Houston’s Minute Maid Park as they are nowhere near similar in appearance.


I may be an outsider on this opinion but I think that it is the most beautiful ballpark, interior-wise, that the Rangers have called home. I am looking forward to more experiences here and can’t wait for other fans to see and feel what i have.


Until next time, I’ll see you in the cheap seats!…unless I splurge again.


The author (left) and his best friend Chris.

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  1. Nancy

    April 1, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Great review, can’t wait to go inside and see it myself!

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