The year of 2021 is just starting out but there’s still plenty of reason to be excited about it.
One of the biggest of them is the promise of lots of great VR games on the horizon.

When it’s just as easy to load up VR sex games as it is to turn on a regular old console, you know that the VR world has really exploded.

With so many new and exciting titles on the way, you’ll have to work hard to figure out which ones to start playing first.

Here are the five most anticipated games to check out first.

5) Lone Echo 2

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Lone Echo 2 was a game that we were all supposed to get to play way back in 2019. Unfortunately, development took longer than expected, and then COVID 19 hit. The developers were forced to figure out how to keep working on the game from home, but it finally looks like it might be on its way.

You get to play as a robot named Jack. It’s your job to help out your captain while you work to survive your space journey. It’s been built up a lot but this one seems like it might just hit the mark.

4) Maskmaker

Sometimes a mask is a lot more than just a mask and that’s what you get here. You’re the apprentice to the Maskmaker himself and it’s your job to collect resources and follow his plans to make the masks that he needs.

Each one is imbued with its own powers and you’ll have to explore different biomes to put them all together. Once you gain enough skill, you’ll be able to make masks of your very own to suit your needs. There’s no telling just what your next mask will do until you create it.

3) Low-Fi

Low-Fi lets you find out exactly how you would react if you were given power. You take on the role of a police officer tasked with patrolling City-Block 303. It all takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia, so you know that the streets are littered with all kinds of crime.

You can make it your job to enforce law and order or you can become just like the street urchins themselves and exploit it. You may just have to look at yourself in a whole new light once you finally decide to turn off this game for a few hours.

2) Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall

Warhammer is definitely not a new game to most people. There are more iterations of this game than most major cinematic universes. The reason for that is the gameplay itself. The melee combat and spellcasting just doesn’t get better on any other game out there.

That’s why the newest title, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall is really something to look forward to. They haven’t released many details about it, but you can be sure that it will quickly become one of your favorite games. Keep your eyes open for this one over the next few months.

1) The Climb 2

VR is nothing if it can’t make you sweat while you have your headset on. That’s the main goal of The Climb 2.

This is a free climbing game that lets you scale to the very top of a giant city. You’ll have to use your suction cups and you’ll be able to feel every single foot as you get further and further from the ground. You’ll have to find the best way to get up and you’ll always have the option of looking back down. Just make sure you don’t get dizzy very easily before starting it.

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