It was a decision that had long been rumored but finally made official: the city of Arlington, Texas announced that there would be no tailgating allowed in the Texas Rangers/Dallas Cowboys parking lots for opening day or any games until further notice. Current information on tailgating at Globe Life Field can be found here.


The decision by the city has led to anger by fans of the Rangers and has created controversy. The Texas Rangers had previously announced that home attendance for the season opener at Globe Life Field would be at 100%. Fans and non-fans were divided by the decision as the country is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The main issue with fans is the fact that the ballpark can be full yet fans can’t group together in the parking lot for a good ol’ fashioned get together and pre-game grilling.


Another question being raised by fans is why did the city allow tailgating at Dallas Cowboys games this past season? Was it because the number of fans in attendance was less than what is expected for the Rangers on opening day? Or is Arlington more concerned about what’s good for Cowboys’ fans? Last time I checked the Texas Rangers have had more postseason success in the 2000’s.  But this all just my opinion.


But, alas, all hope is not lost. My good friend Devin Pike has hosted many opening day tailgates just east of Globe Life Field, on the opposite side of Stadium Drive/Ballpark Way, for well over a decade. He got in touch with the owners of those lots and this is what he had to say:



If you need information on tailgating you can contact Stadium Parking here.


Hopefully the city will eventually allow tailgating at the ballpark parking lots but at least there are still choices. As we should all have in the first place.


Until next time, I’ll see you in the cheap seats!

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