It happened! It finally happened. After about three seasons of back-and-forth contract negotiations the Dallas Cowboys have signed Dak Prescott to a new contract, solidifying his position as “the guy.”

The Cowboys have their franchise quarterback. The contract is a massive four-year deal worth $160 million with $126 million guaranteed. Making Prescott the second highest paid quarterback in NFL history and giving him the highest signing bonus in NFL history at $66 million.

The contract will also include a non-franchise-tag clause when it ends so that Prescott will be free to enter the market at age 31 if he feels the need. Probably to get rid of the bad taste that the last tag left.

This contract falls right between Patrick Mahomes and Deshean Watson. Some may think Dallas overpaid and some may think Prescott deserves it, but regardless of opinions we finally get to put this debate behind us.

More details will probably emerge later in the week when the Cowboys hold a press conference about the signing.

Prescott definitely won this deal. It was stated that the Cowboys wanted a longer deal around six years and that Prescott wanted three or four. He bet on himself and he won big. Now the pressure is on to lead Dallas back to a championship.

Now that this is behind them, the Cowboys need to turn around and focus on fixing the rest of their team. Getting the offensive line some help and pointing the defense back in the right direction.

Getting Prescott signed was only the first domino to fall.


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