It feels like just last off-season there were all kinds of stories and speculation saying that the Cowboys Super Bowl window was just opening and that the team was closer to a championship than it had been in years.

Then 2020 happened, Dallas went six and ten during the season, had the worst defense in franchise history, and lost their starting quarterback. Was the Super Bowl window ever open or was it actually closing?

A good argument can be made that the closest the Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl recently was in 2016. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot took the league by storm, leading Dallas to a 13 and three record. That season was amazing, but like most other seasons, it came to an end in the playoffs. Seems like the window to a championship was open in 2016 and has been closing ever since.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Cowboys seem to be incapable of locking down their franchise quarterback, their offensive line is starting to show it’s age, the defense lacks energy and leadership, and their newly appointed head coach cannot seem to get a system put into place.

It is not a fun thing to think about, but the Cowboys seem to be closer to an all-out rebuild these days than they are to another Lombardi trophy.

The defense already needs to be rebuilt, which will most likely be addressed in the draft. On top of that no one knows if Prescott will remain the quarterback in the future or if Dallas will be drafting someone new in the next year or two.

Now there is still a chance that things can turn around next season. Prescott might finally get his new contract, the draft might bring in some new defensive studs, and with COVID seeming to be more controlled the coaches may finally be able to implement a good system.

If those things don’t happen, get ready because Cowboys fans may have a few more rough years ahead of them.

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