It seems like a person can’t look up anything about the Cowboys without running into hundreds of posts and arguments about Dak Prescott and his current contract situation.

The last time we talked about this was before the start of the 2020 season and we all know how the contract negotiations ended up last season.

Now it seems that the Cowboys have found themselves right back in the same situation. Except for this time, it’s more expensive.

Right now, the clock is ticking. Dallas has until March 9th to get Prescott signed or they will end up having to franchise tag him, again.

Unless they don’t and he just walks away, but that would never happen.

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If Prescott is tagged on the 9th the Cowboys will still have till the Summer to work out a deal, but it would still look pretty bad on the organization to leave their quarterback hanging like that for another season and odds are Prescott would not be returning in 2022 after two franchise tags.

At this point, Dallas really only has two good options. Option one would be to tag Prescott and trade him. Since Detroit got two firsts and a third-round pick for an aging Matt Stafford the haul from trading Prescott would probably be pretty significant considering where Prescott is in his career, but that would leave Dallas without a proven quarterback or at the most an aging veteran.

Option two would be the Cowboys hurry up and get the man signed and finally end this long saga of not paying him and not losing the support of their roster in the process.

There is also another issue with leaving Prescott on the franchise tag for 2021. They can’t afford it. Currently, the Cowboys are expected to enter the 2021 season with $27 million in cap space. Prescott’s franchise tag would be $37.7 million.

So, Dallas can’t even afford the tag unless they start restructuring some existing contracts. They might have to do that for a new contract too, but it probably won’t be as big of a hit.

Either way, Jerry and Stephen Jones have some decisions to make.
Paying Prescott may take a lot of money from the team, but in a weak NFC East with no other standout quarterbacks, it might be worth it.

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