On Monday, Feb. 22, Dallas Stars fans will sit down wherever they can to watch a long-awaited Stars game. This past week in Dallas has been a disaster in one of the most unprecedented winter storms and deep freezes since 1949. They postponed 4 games this week, adding to the already ridiculous remaining schedule they have left after the 4 Covid-19 postponements at the start of the season. They will have 10 games in hand on some teams when they return to the ice on Monday. Stars fans can finally relax albeit for just a few hours. Here is what Texans have been through this week.

Some temperatures in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex clocked in at -2 degrees in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Add this to the extreme electricity shortage from power companies and you have a recipe for disaster. Grocery stores ran out of food or had hours-long wait times. The majority of restaurants and food eateries were closed, lost power, or ran out of food. It was a true “Snowpocalypse.” Millions lost electricity, dooming water pipes that busted open and flooded homes. Rolling blackouts cut out the power supply to millions as everyone dealt with a miserable situation.

Stars fans were disgruntled on Monday, Feb. 15 whenever the Stars expected to host the Nashville Predators, using unnecessary power to light the American Airlines Center instead of providing power to millions without it. People were in an uproar before the game. Stars fans made their way to the AAC when at around 6:40, less than an hour before game time, they yanked the plug on the game. Fans were already there and rightfully upset that they waited so long to postpone the game before the Mayor’s office stepped in.

The Stars have played 12 total games this season while already missing 8. Postponements fill up their schedule with limited time to play them. This means that Stars fans get lots of hockey over the next few months. Fans are ready to kick their feet up and relax after such a long week. DFW spent 139 consecutive hours with temperatures below freezing.

The Snow started melting on Friday, Feb. 19. Some Stars players opened their homes to teammates, building camaraderie amongst the team. Things will start going back to “normal” over the next few days. For Stars fans, that means lots of hockey coming up. Everyone is ready to move on from this mess.


Photo: Dallas Stars from various Social Media accounts and publications.

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