The 2021 MLB season is approaching, and fans are expected to witness a full 162 game season this year after a pandemic shortened 2020 season.

With that, fans are also expected to be able to attend regular-season games in person as well. However, they still won’t be at full capacity for some time.

Some rules need to be abided by when it comes to dressing attire, specifically jerseys, and shirseys (lingo for a t-shirt jersey).

The following are some guidelines that all Texas Rangers fans should abide by.


You can wear a Rangers jersey of any player, past and present, if he’s retired.

For example, don’t wear anything Cole Hamels-related. He’s not here anymore. Find a new player and buy a shirt. I threw away my Nomar Mazara shirt. It was the right thing to do.


John Rocker? Really? That was your favorite player?

Yes, I once saw a guy at a game wearing a John Rocker Rangers jersey. He actually spent a couple of hundred on it. Did he have to buy it because he lost a bet? I really hope there was a good story behind it.


A Pudge Rangers jersey is always cool. But not a Tigers, Marlins, Nationals, or Astros one. Unless you are a fan of those teams as well, in that case, I’ll need to see documentation stating where you’ve resided through the years.


Personalized jerseys are okay. Even cooler if you have the same last name as a player.

Thank you, Derek Holland.



Of all the players on the squad that year, he thought John Rocker was the one guy whose jersey he had to drop $200 on? Were the stores sold out of Ben Kozlowski jerseys?


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Don’t wear a jersey from another sport to a baseball game. Yes, I realize you are a Dallas Cowboys fan but show love for them when it’s football season at a football game.

What’s even worse was when I saw a guy at a Rangers game wearing a custom-made Johnny Manziel Cowboys jersey. So many violations!


No, it’s not cool to tuck your jersey into your pants….unless you’re actually on the field or wearing baseball pants. Tucking a jersey into jeans just looks weird.

Even weirder if you tuck it into jean shorts. You might as well wear socks with sandals while you’re at it.

BONUS – #8

Really? John Rocker?

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