It’s great to say that the Dallas Cowboys have finally ended this very long season. A season full of injury and disappointment, but also with a glimmer of hope and promise.
The next stop is the offseason. According to this last season, the question is begged.

What’s next?

First, let’s start off with the season. A lot, both good and bad, happened. Starting with the bad, the obvious should be pointed out. The injury bug hit the Dallas Cowboys and it hit them hard. Any season where you don’t have your starting quarterback is a season for potential doom. The devastating injury to Dak Prescott was both emotionally and physically painful not only to Prescott but Cowboys Nation. The offensive line wasn’t the brick wall it normally was.

And it showed.

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With Zack Martin, La’el Collins, and Tyron Smith out, the Cowboys’ offense definitely took a turn for the worst. Ezekiel Elliot was not the same Ezekiel Elliot and Andy Dalton seemingly struggled with three elite receivers. Coaching didn’t look much different, and yes that is bad. Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore had their moments of shame, John Fassel made decisions that had everyone pulling their hair out, and let’s save Mike Nolan for a different day.

With all the bad, there were some very bright spots. Though the defense was not so great both this year and the year before, Ceedee Lamb was still a great decision. And it showed. Speaking of the defense, and all of its historical incompetence, The Cowboys and fans were able to see a new starting safety ready to work. Donovan Wilson is the player of the 2020 season. The toughness and grit he showed even in blowout losses is something to hang on to. Like said a lot of disappointment with a glimmer of promise.

Also, the Dallas Cowboys were able to get some Week 16 revenge and eliminate the Philidelphia Eagles, and that is always great.

Two big things to look to in the offseason: Dak Prescott and the 2021 NFL Draft. It’s been made known by both the front office and Prescott himself that Dallas is the future both parties want to stick to. Contract negotiations are now able to get started, and by the looks of what happened after Prescott went down, Prescott is sure to get compensated well.

As mentioned way too many times before, the defense needs some help. Making below-average quarterbacks look like the second coming of Patrick Mahomes was their specialty and it’s vital to get some new rookies in that can help. The Cowboys stand at the 10th pick of the Draft, which is pretty good considering the fluctuation of win/lose in every game performance, and they’re sure to get a talented defensive body.

Cornerback? linebacker? It could go either way.

There are lots of fans that are glad this season is over because the second rebuild starts now. No more fluff or fumbles. It’s time to get serious and showcase the talent of this team with some wins and championships.

Is that too much to ask from 2021?

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