If you know anything about Dallas Stars hockey you know the name Shoopy.

Shoopy, or as some may call him Grubes, has been the Stars DJ for 7 seasons.

The man behind “Sweet Victory” being played at the AAC announced that he would be moving on to pursue his dream of working with the Texas Rangers as their full-time DJ.

While Stars fans are undoubtedly sad to see him go, he will be leaving behind a much-appreciated legacy.

Hockey is a game full of sounds as is, the sound a puck makes when it goes bar down is what players dream about. (A nightmare to goalies.) Hearing the blades of skates carve through fresh ice brings tears to hockey fan’s eyes.

Thanks to Grubes, many of the memories we have at Stars games now have a soundtrack.

“I can’t thank Stars fans enough for how quickly they accepted me and gave me a chance, even when I didn’t have a full grasp of what I should be doing,” Grubes said. “Every game, being able to count on dozens of Stars fans coming up for a hug or a selfie or high five or anything like that, they were nothing but kind. It’s been an incredibly special seven years. Now I can probably take advantage of free tickets and be able to enjoy the experience from a fan’s perspective.” – Grubes to The Athletic’s Saad Yousef

I recently sat down with Grubes and was lucky enough to get the story behind his journey from working for the board at Dallas local sports talk station The Ticket, to becoming the house DJ for the Stars and most recently the Texas Rangers.

What I took away from the time we had was this, Grubes just loves sports. He’s a down-to-earth guy that got lucky and we have all reaped the benefits.

Thanks to Grubes, Stars games were better.

As we ring in the new year I just want to take the chance to say thank you to Grubes. You made the most beautiful sport on ice that much better.
Nickleback will never sound the same without you.

Featured Image: Tim Heitman/USA Today Sports Images
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