Tomorrow, the Cowboys have a chance to make it into the NFL playoffs with a record of 7-9.
If this happens, it would be only the second time a team with that record made the playoffs in NFL history.

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The Cowboys have a chance, but just how likely is it that this happens?

To make the playoffs, Dallas needs to beat the Giants tomorrow.

Considering how Dallas has played in the last three weeks, it is a good possibility that they pull out the win, but that’s not all that needs to happen.

To make the playoffs, the Cowboys need a little help from a big rival, the Eagles. Since the Cowboys got swept by Washington this season, Washington holds the tiebreaker over them.

So, the football team needs a loss to the Eagles tomorrow for Dallas to squeak in.

It sounds simple, but today, news came out that the Eagles, who have been eliminated from playoff contention, are planning on sitting a large number of their starters. The list of players who will be out includes wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery, tight end Dallas Goedert, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, and more.

Regardless of this being a tactic by the Eagles to make sure the Cowboys cannot reach the playoffs or take wanting to end their season and avoid any injuries, it makes Washington lose to Philadelphia even slimmer.

Washington has a few issues going against them, too, like the release of their quarterback Dwayne Haskins and the mystery of who will be the starter on Sunday or that they seem to be trending down, having lost their last two games.

The Cowboys would not be in this mess if they had not let Washington sweep them this season in blowout losses.
Fans may be mad at the Eagles tomorrow if Dallas wins and Washington wins, but at the end of the day, it’s their own fault for not grabbing the NFC East when it was still wide open.

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