Daryl Reaugh; mixing advanced vocabulary, and humor as the voice of the Dallas Stars since 1996.
As the color commenter for the Stars, he has entertained fans in both local, and out of market fans. Simulcasting in both radio for anyone in the world to stream, and local television markets in Dallas.

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Before he became an announcer for the Dallas Stars organization, Daryl Reaugh played three seasons in the NHL. Two seasons with the Edmonton Oilers led by Wayne Gretzky, and Mark Messier which includes a Stanley Cup ring in 1988. Reaugh also played one season for the Hartford Whalers in 1991.

Razor’s Emporium is a fan favorite post-game show where Daryl Reaugh recaps many Stars games. While hosting his segment he often dresses up to properly reflect how the game went for the Stars. As well as spitting the usually advanced vocabulary, humor, and the videos are taken in various locations such as a train, hotel, etc. On occasions, he will throw out some history lessons regarding the Stars, or the NHL in general.

Perhaps what Daryl Reaugh is most known for; Razorisms.

As Jordan Dix The Hockey Writers once put it; “His knowledge of the game isn’t matched by many commentators and his enthusiasm is unbridled.” This was said back in 2015. Needless to say still true to this day.

So for sure, Daryl Reaugh is an excellent color commenter for the Stars. He represents both the team, and the sport with intelligence, wisdom, appropriate humor, analytics, and overall fun for viewers and listeners.

A fan favorite meme as shown above. This isn’t exclusive to Dallas Stars fans either. This popular meme can be seen floating around on google, and social media comment sections such as Twitter, and Facebook. Along with many other sites that involve sports, winning, or food.

When somebody thinks of Dallas Stars hockey, somebody is thinking of Daryl Reaugh. He has his fingerprints, better yet, voice, and Razorisms all over their games.

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