The 2020-21 NHL season is officially set to begin on January 13, 2020.
With the new season comes a plethora of changes.

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New rules, new jerseys, new divisions, unique seating arrangements where applicable, and new looks to the uniforms. In particular, sponsorships on helmets moving into the season. Purists, take a moment before reading on.

It’s no secret that the NHL and its franchises took an astronomical financial hit without fans in the stands. That being said, measures have to be taken to right the ship that is the bank-roll for the NHL. I get it. It’s not the best look; it’s not the NHL way but, it’s a necessary decision that needed to be made.

With that, let us take a moment to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of possible sponsors we can see landing on the helmet of the Dallas Stars.

The Ugly

Let’s get ugly, and quite frankly the most likely choice, out of the way.

The New Jersey Devils and the Washington Capitals have both announced that they are partnering with financial institutions (Prudential and Capital One, respectively).

PNC Bank and the Stars signed a contract making PNC one of the franchise’s most prominent sponsors. Even going as far as taking the naming rights of formerly known as Victory Plaza (it’s PNC Plaza, for those under a rock).

With the massive amounts of cash PNC Bank is pouring into the franchise, it would make the most sense that we see their logo smacked on the side of Jamie Benn’s helmet come opening day.

The Bad

This is going to sting but, Buc-ee’s. Yep. I said it. It isn’t good.


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Gas. Food. Hockey?

Texans are known for having everything bigger in their state. This cult-like gas station is no exception. It feels strange even typing that sentence. Buc-ee’s becoming the sponsor would do nothing for me personally. It wouldn’t benefit the Stars in any way other than maybe seeing a Stars/Buc-ee’s collaboration clothing line. Or maybe a Buc-ee’s popping up in the parking lot across the street from the American Airlines Center.

In the words of Randy Jackson from American Idol, “That’s a no from me dog.

The Good

GIF: Whataburger

Speaking of cult-like followings, the good comes to the surprise of no one. That’s right, you know it, you love it, and seeing this logo on the helmet of Miro Heiskanen would mean that we could have Patty Melts in the AAC. It’s Whataburger.

The now-defunct AHL franchise, San Antonio Rampage, played their games in the AT&T Center. Inside that rink was a Whataburger. I was lucky enough to experience hockey with Whataburger in hand, and I have to say it was a magical experience. Not only is Whataburger peak Texas, the thought of replacing multiple concessions with a Whataburger inside the AAC just makes the most sense.

These opinions are my own, but I think it’s safe to say that most will agree with me on my “Good” decision.
Who do you want to see sponsor the Stars next season?

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