The NFC East has been completely flipped around.
With the Dallas Cowboys being the only NFC East team to win their game, they’re one Sunday away from gaining the number one spot in their division and potentially grabbing the playoff spot. Normally this would be great to hear, but many fans aren’t too content on losing their once golden top-five spot in the 2021 NFL Draft.

This starts with an important question: Should the Dallas Cowboys take their chances at potential playoff hopes or secure a great pick in the NFL Draft?

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Now let’s be clear and say that it won’t be an easy road if the Cowboys want to play for the playoffs. Firstly, the Washington Football Team need to lose out. Their remaining schedule consists of a 4-10 Carolina Panthers team and a 4-9-1 but very competent Philadelphia Eagles team. The Dallas Cowboys would have to win out to the New York Giants and that same competent Philadelphia Eagles.

The New York Giants have sunk a lot after their upset win against the Seattle Seahawks. WFT has lost their starting quarterback and has been struggling on offense, and the Philadelphia Eagles’ chances are very slim. It can be done, but the question is, should it?

Let’s compare the outcomes.

That’s the only way to get the answer to that question. What would happen if the Dallas Cowboys were to win out, WFT were to lose out, and a playoff spot is guaranteed? The Dallas Cowboys will end up playing an actual playoff-caliber team, and not only will possible embarrassment of a loss, but they will automatically have to abide by the rules of an assigned 21-32 pick.

Next scenario… If the Dallas Cowboys were to lose out or not enter the playoffs in any way, they would most likely be able to secure a top 10 pick and use that to strengthen their team either offensively or, most likely, defensively. They’ll be able to take a talented player with a healthy team and develop a Superbowl capable team.

Not entirely sure about the players, coaches, and front office thoughts, but the fans would take the latter. It has looked awful right now, and it has been, but it should be comforting to know that a lot of change can happen next season that would put the Cowboys back on the radar. Dak Prescott would be back, the offensive line should be healthy, and the defense can get it together with the moving on of Mike Nolan.

The season and offseason progression should be done with further success in mind, not for a quick playoff run to console jobs and feelings. Watchful eyes are out for how the Dallas Cowboys complete this season.
Will it be a boom or a bust?

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