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Santiago Mosquera to Pachuca

The reports began to come in earlier in the week, but the news was too fantastical for any FC Dallas fan to actually believe. However, the news was confirmed by the official Twitter account Club Pachuca on Tuesday when they announced the signing of free agent Santiago Mosquera.

There were reports that Mosquera was possibly returning home to Colombia, but the announcement by the Mexican Club puts that dead in the water.

This is a surprising turn of events, but to fair to Mosquera, he never really fit the system under Pareja or under Luchi. Prior to this season, Mosquera was successful when he was allowed to cut inside and dribble, kind of the role that was given to Pablo Aranguiz for a short amount of time. Those aren’t the types if wingers that FC Dallas has used in the past, so it does make sense that Mosquera never worked out under wither of the head coaches he played for. His contract was not picked up by FC Dallas at the end of the season, so his return was improbable. Hopefully, he has more success in Mexico.

Callum Montgomery

During the half-day trade, FC Dallas traded the MLS rights of Callum Montgomery for a 4th round 2021 SuperDraft Pick and 50k in General Allocation Money. This was after FC Dallas didn’t pick up his option at the end of this season. Callum was out on loan for the majority of the 2020 season in San Antonio FC, playing in 9 matches and scoring 2 goals for the USL Championship side. He also was a locked-in starter for North Texas SC in 2019, playing in 22 matches of the club’s inaugural season and being instrumental in the lifting of the very first USL League One Championship.

For many FC Dallas die-hards, this departure stings. Ziegler wasn’t expected to stay this season, and Callum was apparently next in line to take up the center back spot next to Matt Hedges. That was why FC Dallas wanted to loan him to a USL Championship side instead of keeping him at North Texas. He performed well in San Antonio, but apparently, Luchi didn’t like what he saw and decided to trade him away for what is presumably a player that will be drafted for North Texas. Hopefully, Callum will be able to play well for a Minnesota side that is looking pretty thin at CB.

Pablo Aranguiz to Universidad de Chile

This was announced on the same day as the Reynolds offers were being reported, so it was somewhat buried by the avalanche of news. However, Pablo Aranguiz was transferred to Universidad de Chile in late November. The Chilean was loaned out to Universidad de Chile for the 2020 season and has done well there, playing in 11 matches and scoring 5 goals before getting injured in September. There are reports that FC Dallas still retains 50% of his rights, which probably means the transfer was cheaper than what was reported in January.

I won’t write much about Aranguiz, as I’ve already summarized my opinions about him. The change in scenery has helped him so hopefully, he lives up to his potential and becomes a starter for the Chilean National Team.

Bryan Reynolds to…somewhere

This massive news dump was written by 3rd Degree, and since then, other clubs have reported interest in Bryan Reynolds. Since the Juve report, City Football Group, Anderlecht, Strasbourg, AC Milan, Lyon, and three unnamed clubs have reported interesting in the USMNT Youth International. The number is currently looking at 6-7 million, with 8 million being thrown around by other reports.

Obviously, nothing is done and dusted. Furthermore, European teams aren’t really allowed to transfer anyone in until the start of January, so all of these reports are simply clubs trying to take the first step in bringing in Reynolds. If no deal is struck by January 1st, many other clubs could come and try to sign Bryan.

The gist of this is that Reynolds will probably not be here come the start of preseason. We hope he ends up somewhere that suits him where he can grow more and become a USMNT starter.

Tanner Tessmann to Germany

This report doesn’t have a lot of juice, but it is certainly expected that Tessmann would have eyes on him after his breakout season. Tanner was signed by FC Dallas at the beginning of the 2020 season, and ended up being a revelation, logging in 1000 minutes in 19 matches in his Freshman season. He will probably end up leaving for Europe soon, but I doubt it will happen this offseason.

North Texas: Arturo Rodriguez to Phoenix Rising

This was announced a week ago, but this was expected by many NTSC and FCD fans. Arturo Rodriguez was instrumental in the 2019 USL League One Season, where he was the MVP of the USL League One winners. After an amazing season with North Texas, Arturo was loaned to USL Championship 2019 winners Real Monarchs. After a failed loaned stint filled with injuries and COVID complications, Arturo returned to North Texas for the rest of the 2020 season. He helped the squad get back on track, which leads to a 3rd place position in the USL League One Standings.

His contract was not picked up at the end of November, so his departure was expected. However, it is disappointing that he never fit into Lucchi’s future plans. He had the skill set to make it in MLS, but Luchi has always demanded a ton of physical work from his midfielders, which is not one of Arturo’s strong suits. Hopefully, he does well in Phoenix.


Phelipe Megiolaro’s loan extended

There were reports that FC Dallas extended the loan of the Brazilian Youth International, but it was all but confirmed by Phelipe when he posted about the contract renewal on his Instagram. Phelipe played in one match in his short term loan from Gremio this season, playing in FC Dallas’ 3-0 loss against Minnesota in early November. When he was loaned in during the summer, there was a 2.5 million option to buy, so it was unclear whether or not FC Dallas would fork over that kind of money for what was essentially their 2nd string keeper last season.

Phelipe showed promise, even though he conceded three in his one and only match. It was not surprising that he wasn’t playing, with Jimmy Maurer often standing on his head keeping FC Dallas in matches. However, this extended loan shows how much Luchi and Zanotta rate him, and it will be interesting to see how he performs in his 2nd season at the club.

Juan Dinenno from PUMAS

Before the MLS Cup Final, reports came in about FC Dallas attempting to purchase Juan Dinenno, an Argentinean Striker who just moved to Pumas in January for over 4 million dollars. Dinenno has played really well with Pumas, scoring 10 goals in 17 matches in the Apertura, and 4 goals in 8 games in the Clausura before the cancellation of the Clausura.

These reports are common during the silly season, so FC Dallas fans should take them with a grain of salt. Pumas paid a ton for the Argentinean, which means FC Dallas would have to fork over 5-6 million for a 26-year-old striker, a position where FC Dallas already has a Designated Player. However, it is interesting how there seems to be interesting by FC Dallas to bring in a new striker, putting doubt in Jara’s future at the club. Watch this space, FC Dallas fans.

Jader Obrian from Rionegro Águilas


Reports came in on Tuesday that FC Dallas are trying to sign 25-year-old Colombian Winger Jader Obrian. The right-winger has been with Aguilas Doradas for nearly two years and scored 11 goals in 18 regular season matches this season. At 5’5”, he is the quintessential winger that FC Dallas targets, which is quick, short, and good on the dribble.

It is worth noting that many outlets out of Colombia are stating that the deal is completed and that there has been interest from top Colombian sides and teams in Mexico. Another interesting tidbit is the fact that he plays on the right side of the field, which coincides with the idea that Barrios’ best performances are behind him. Could we see one Colombian replace another?

North Texas: Hope Kodzo from Bechem United FC

Although this deal was completed in November, this signing has been in the works for over a year. FC Dallas first scouted Hope, along with Emmanuel Awauh and Victor Asante, when they were with Bechem United for the Dallas Cup in 2019. According to 3rd Degree, Hope, Emmanuel, and Victor all trained with FC Dallas during 2019, but complications due to age and Visas made signing difficult. The pandemic made the signing even more complicated. However, it looks like those complications have been lifted, with Hope Kodzo finally signing this year.

As an attacking midfielder, it looks like Hope and David Rodriguez will be fighting for the starting spot that was left when Arturo wasn’t resigned. It will be interesting to see how Hope will perform in USL League One.

What did you guys think? Sorry, it was so long; we had to cover all the transfers and rumors that have occurred over the last month or so. Most of the time these posts will be smaller.
Do any of the transfer rumors interest you? Which ones do you think will come to fruition?

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