We, as Dallas fans, love our sports and love our teams.
Texans have that common insatiable hunger for victory and championships, which is why we so eagerly support our local teams when they are on a win-streak or playoff push.

Dallas Til I Die rings true in all of us, no matter which team you are a die-hard fan of, and FC Dallas is no different.

Here are six reasons why you, the Dallas die-hard, should start supporting FC Dallas if you don’t already

1) Tight-knit Community 

FC Dallas provides a family atmosphere in every sense of the word. Show up early to the game? You can find both the Beer Guardians and El Matador supporter groups tailgating around the stadium. Walk up, say hi, and I can guarantee you will be greeted with a free, local beer. Who doesn’t love free beer? 

Inside, Toyota Stadium provides an intimate experience with the players on the field and the fans around. New in 2021, FCD will be opening the beer garden in the southwest corner with a safe standing supporters section for the Beer Guardians and El Matador. They will be loud so you can’t miss them. Buy a ticket in their section and you will never want to leave.

With great leaders and the intimate stadium experience, you will feel like you belong and are welcomed in every way

Photo: Aaron Griffen/FC Dallas

2) Great Inexpensive Fan Experience 

$20 ticket and a $5 beer with exciting quality soccer? I’ll take it. FC Dallas provides a relatively inexpensive ticket price and an almost guaranteed exciting time.

Are you a young adult looking for a fun group to drink and yell loudly with? Check. Family with young kids who love bright lights, popcorn, and fireworks? Also, check.

No matter who you are, an FCD game may be just what you are looking for. Also, did you know we have one of the best home records in the league? Yeah, we do. I’ll chalk it up to our fans but that’s just me. While the stadium may not be in Arlington, it is a short drive up the toll road. Come on up, you won’t regret it. 

3) USMNT Pipeline 

Heard the name Weston McKennie? What about Chris Richards? Reggie Cannon? Three huge national team players playing for the world’s biggest clubs (Juventus, Bayern Munich, Boavista respectively)  were groomed right here in your backyard. FCD has something that no one else in the league has, a seemingly bottomless youth academy production. Every year it seems like we have a new kid coming up through the ranks.

Bryan Reynolds, Paxton Pomykal, Tanner Tessmann, just to name a few, are names that you will become very familiar with here soon if you follow the US national team. If you are a proud Texan and Dallas native, this is definitely something you can take pride in. 

4) We Are Almost There 

Every year seems like it is our year. We have consistently been a top team in the league for the last 5-6 years, but crashing in the playoffs. FCD has that winning mentality and are a force to be reckoned with. Every year we are missing that one piece.

Don’t you want to be a part of a championship team when our time comes? I sure do. 

5) Supporting Your Dallas Kin

Stars fan? Rangers? Mavs? How bout them, Cowboys? Maybe a Wings fan? All of the above? Yeah, me too. We are all proud to be from DFW and are diehards for all our teams. One of the coolest things about this team is the fact that half of them are Homegrowns, which means they grew up playing right here in Dallas.

FC Dallas is an MLS original and deserves the attention in this town, so let’s give it to them. Also, we really hate the Houston team too. 

Photo: u/TheFinal9999

6) Witnessing History 

Were you around for the America’s team Superbowl days? What about in ‘99 when the Stars skated the cup? Were you “not going home”, as well? If you got to witness Dirk in his hay-day or the Aikman/Smith days, you are a lucky one. Here at FCD, it’s happening now. History is here and we are making it every season.

With up and coming players making a name for themselves, soon they will be cemented in the history of this club. It’s kind of a cool feeling being part of a team with young history and almost having a say in how this team is perceived in the future. Maybe that makes me a sports nerd, but that fan ownership is pretty darn cool. 

Congrats, you’ve found your new favorite soccer team. With all these reasons compiled, it boils down to being proud of where you are from.

We all want the best for our Dallas sports teams, FC Dallas is no different. We want those championships, we want those sold-out games, and we really want the die-hards.

Come support a local team with some serious quality players and exciting fan entertainment.
You’ll find me there in the beer garden, come join and have a blast.

Featured Image: MLSsoccer.com
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