This 2020 season has proven that a second rebuild will start as soon as the season is over, but with who keeping their spot?

There have been players and coaches who didn’t live up to the standards this season lived up to.

And with this Dallas Cowboys team having the talent and tools to go all the way, it may be time to let up on baggage that’s keeping them back.

Stay: Dak Prescott

This is very obvious, but there have been ideas thrown out that disprove the clarity. Let’s end it here: It will never be a good idea to trade your proven talented quarterback for a rookie quarterback that you do not know will succeed just to save money.

Whether it’s trading leverage to the Jets for Trevor Lawrence or taking Zach Wilson. Dak Prescott should be here to stay.

Go: Sean Lee

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This won’t be popular because Sean Lee gives great memories and is a Dallas Cowboys great, but the Dallas Cowboys do not have time for injuries anymore. Lee was drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft. In his near-decade in the NFL, 2016 was the only year where Lee played did not have an injury.

Sean Lee is very talented, but there’s no doubt that the injury bug will hit him again. It’s just a chance the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t take.

Stay: Jourdan Lewis/Aldon Smith

Jourdan Lewis hasn’t had a great season. He’s missed tackles and has gotten burnt many, many times. However, there are special times when he looks like a number one cornerback getting interceptions and making plays for the secondary. With injuries and Covid-19 reserves for secondary players such as Trevon Diggs and Anthony Brown, Lewis has shown in certain spurts that he is capable of having a spot on an elite defense.

As for Aldon Smith, there was a time this season (Week 1-6, to be specific) where he was the only linebacker that could actually perform and perform well. For someone who hasn’t played for years, Smith was making quarterbacks sweat and pummeling running backs to the ground. With more clarity on defense, Aldon Smith can be scary.

Go: Tyrone Crawford

Tyrone Crawford typically wouldn’t be one that would get the boot. He’s a talented player that has done nice things for Dallas. It’s all about the price tag. Crawford has a cap price of $9 million. A trade will be able to save the Cowboys $8 million with $1 million left in dead money. Once again a small price for big pay.

This is a team that has such great potential to do great things; both regular season and postseason. Big things should, not could, but should be happening in Dallas with everything going backward. Mike McCarthy and the front office has some big decisions to be made, and it’s up to them if they want to move forward with success.

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