With the unfortunate season-ending loss on everyone’s mind, we take a step back to look at the 2020 campaign as a whole.

As an annual tradition, we perform player reviews of every player on the FC Dallas roster.

Their letter grade will be based on a holistic review of their performances this season, their improvement over the course of the year, and their impact on the squad.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the midfielders. 

Tanner Tessmann // A

Tanner Tessmann has truly been a revelation this year for FC Dallas. In just under a year, he has gone from kicking for Clemson to starting immediately after signing his first pro contract. Similar to Bryan Reynolds and many homegrowns before him, Tessmann has had a breakout year and cemented himself in the starting lineup rotation.

With 9 starts on the year, and registering an assist on his debut, he has shown that he may be the next big thing for FCD. Don’t expect him to be here long.

Brandon Servania // B – 

While this season is not the same as his shining season of 2019, Brandon served as a useful piece in Luchi ball playing 12 matches with 4 starts. Each game, Servania put in a good shift, convincing Luchi that he is a needed player despite competing for minutes in a stacked midfield on a shortened season.

Still getting minutes with North Texas SC, he remains a top prospect for FCD and US youth national teams. I expect him to play a similar role in the squad for 2021. 

Thiago Santos // A – 

Santos was brought in to fill the position of the bully left behind by Carlos Gruezo many years ago. With his experience, tekkers, and bulldog-like approach to the game, Thiago served as an essential piece in the FCD line-up. Starting 19 games this season including two playoff matches, Santos balled out in each one of them.

Although he is not perfect and can be a little reckless at times, he still filled the void of being the player that is not scared of getting in someone’s face. Santos also provides a piece of veteran leadership in a young midfield. He will be around again and I fully expect him to be a starter in 2021. 

Thomas Roberts // C+ 

Unable to break into a stacked depth chart, Thomas Roberts did not see any first-team game time. Spending the majority of the season with NTXSC, Roberts started 10 games with them and registered a goal as well.

Unless he takes his talents to Scotland, Roberts could bring a breakout year once Pomykal or other fan favorites leave. This kid is one for the future. 

Andrés Ricaurte // B+

Ricaurte, on loan from Medellín, had a good year with the team showing off his creative talent. With two assists on the season and one absolute banger against Houston, El Mago proved to be the creative one in a very straight forward lineup. Due to how Luchi was playing him within the midfield in a duel 8 system with Tessmann/Acosta, Ricaurte sometimes struggled to find his feet causing him to disappear in games.

He was unable to find pockets of space and sometimes had to drop deep into the midfield to receive the ball. We saw a shift in the final game in Seattle where Ricaurte was able to play a pure 10 role in which he came alive. This shift came a little too late, but this will be a continuing trend for Luchi in 2021. He may be an 8, but he seemed to play his best at the 10-role pulling the strings in the midfield. I think everyone wants to see him and Paxton Pomykal link up next year. 

Photo: FC Dallas

Bryan Acosta // C – 

Acosta holds one of Dallas’ coveted DP slots and continues to underperform. Playing in only half of the games this year, Bryan has all but proved to be a bust for FCD. This doesn’t mean he has been bad, but nowhere near the level at which a DP is expected to perform. FCD should try to offload but we may be stuck with him for one more year.

My opinion may sound harsh, but a DP should be the best player on the team, not a rotational starter. We will see what 2021 brings for Bryan Acosta. 

Edwin Cerrillo // C+ 

After becoming a near essential player in 2019, Edwin Cerrillo seemed to have fallen victim to the influx of midfielders. Playing in only two games, Edwin spent the majority of the season with North Texas SC, scoring a rocket against Union Omaha. Towards the end of their USL 1 campaign, he played well for NTXSC and proved he can succeed above the USL 1 level.

Cerrillo seems to be a player in need of a loan move. We will see what Luchi has planned for him in 2021. 

Paxton Pomykal // B

Paxton Pomykal (sundance kid?), a fan favorite, spent the majority of the season injured after making the decision to take the season off to recover from hip surgery. From what we understand, this was an injury that could affect him later in his career, so it was best to treat it now.

Despite his injuries, Pomykal showed out in all five games he played in, scoring a goal in the season opener. We love him and are excited for a healthy 2021, but don’t expect him to be around long. Europe will come knocking.

Have player ratings of your own? Any wild guesses for the upcoming transfer window?

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