It’s only preseason, but for a lot of the players on the roster, this will be their first time in a Mavs jersey.

This is the first impression for some and a return to the court for others.

Here are five players to watch during the preseason.

1) Jalen Brunson

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Jalen Brunson has not played in an NBA game since February. He missed Dallas’ bubble action due to a shoulder injury, so this will be the point guard’s first action in almost ten months.  This will be his first chance to shake the rust off.

Three preseason games will not solve all of Brunson’s problems but they will give us an idea of where he is coming off the hiatus.

2) Dwight Powell

This is a similar situation to Jalen Brunson’s. Dwight Powell tore his Achilles last season and missed the last half of the season as a result.

He, however, did travel with the team to the Orlando bubble which he said benefited him greatly.

“The bubble really gave me a chance to be-hyper focused and hyper-diligent on the rehab.”

Powell relied on his athleticism to produce offensively, mostly in the pick and roll game with Luka Doncic, so it will be interesting to see how effective he can be in that department after a devasting injury.

Unlike Brunson, Dwight Powell will be able to show that off quickly during the preseason.  He can either jump high or he can’t.

3) James Johnson

James Johnson could be a huge piece for a contending team like Dallas. His strength is defense but last year he showed stretches where he was able to knock down threes efficiently.

The preseason will not answer all of the questions that I have about his role on the team but it will give us an idea about how he will fit in.

4) Tyrell Terry

Trading Seth Curry for Josh Richardson was somewhat of a risk offensively. While Richardson will be able to help this team in more departments, Curry’s offensive skill set was a big part of Dallas’ historic offense.  The Mavericks see Tyrell Terry as a replacement for Seth Curry’s game.

Terry was one of the best shooters in the draft so it will be interesting to see if that translates immediately. Terry has the range, so if he is able to shoot the ball well early on in the preseason, he can cement his role as Curry’s replacement.

5) Wesley Iwundu

This is a signing the Mavs made that I think is underrated. Iwundu is a young perimeter guy who brings intensity when he is on the court.

He’s got skill defensively but needs to improve his shooting. Working with Luka Doncic will benefit him in that department I would bet.

Preseason is the first opportunity to get minutes and prove to have a role in the Mavs’ rotation.
It is also an opportunity for the Mavs to see exactly where he is on the offensive side of things.

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