The Dallas Cowboys will be traveling to Baltimore Tuesday evening to take on the 6-5 Ravens, but real the story of the night will be the reunion between Dallas and Dez Bryant wearing his old number with his new team.

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Dez Bryant is a household name with the Dallas Cowboys no matter what. Though he is sporting black and purple with the Maryland team, it’s obvious and evident he’ll be making his way back to Dallas in the prestigious Ring of Honor with blue and silver in remembrance.

Bryant started his career and ended an amazing eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. In his years in Big D, Bryant completed more than 500 passes for 7,459 yards and a record of 73 touchdowns before his release.

The ending of Dallas and Dez was, in nicer words, not the prettiest, but Bryant says he’s excited about this game and still has love for his friends on the other side.

“I’m excited,” says Bryant. “A lot of those guys on the team I know; I’m real good friends with… Whenever we line up across from one another, I think it’s going to be fun. Like I said, it’s going to be an exciting moment.”

Not only is this the first time Dez Bryant will face his old team after being released before the 2018 season, but he’ll be able to meet his successor: CeeDee Lamb

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Lamb, who is taking on the pressure of being the latest receiver to wear number 88, will be taking this chance to respect that of a man who wore it before him.

“…To go against a guy I actually watched growing up excel in this jersey number, to have the opportunity to play against him, is a huge honor on my end and speaks volumes on his part,” says Lamb. “He definitely did a great job here, and I’m looking to continue the legacy with the jersey number.”

Especially with these unfavored and unprecedented circumstances, CeeDee Lamb has been solidifying his role as a weapon for Dallas and a future stud in the National Football League. For his rookie season, Lamb has collected 650 yards, four touchdowns, and a 12.3 yards per catch average. He has the potential to go on for a 1,000-yard season despite having two other top-notch receivers playing next to him.

Tuesday’s game will be a contrasting night with nostalgia alongside a glimmer of what the future will look like. Cowboys Nation will cherish the wins, losses, and all memories in between that Dez Bryant was there to give and wish him the absolute best in his time with Baltimore. Dallas is rooting for him.

With one legacy cemented with Dez Bryant, CeeDee Lamb is now on his way to proving his.

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