As an annual tradition, we perform player reviews of every player on the FC Dallas roster.

Their letter grade will be based on a holistic review of their performances this season, their improvement over the course of the year, and their impact on the squad.

This week, we’ll be covering the goalkeepers.

Carlos Avilez: D-

I honestly don’t know if Avilez is currently under contract with FC Dallas. In the news release of his transfer (?) from North Texas SC to FC Dallas, it mentioned that his contract was for the rest of the 2020 season. However, it sounds like the contract was more of a short term signing to cover for the shortage of goalkeepers prior to the MLS is Back Tournament. Furthermore, his contract was not picked up by North Texas SC, hinting that we may never see him in an FC Dallas jersey.

This is honestly quite disappointing. When Avilez was picked up by OKC Energy on a USL Academy Contract, it seemed like his signing and subsequent debut with FC Dallas was a matter of if, not when. This belief was further strengthened when he was signed by North Texas SC and had a pretty decent season in 2019. Even his 2020 season North Texas, although not as good, had it its moments. Nonetheless, North Texas not picking up his contract seems to be the writing on the wall.

Jimmy Maurer: A

Photo: The San Diego Union-Tribune

With Jesse’s suspension and subsequent removal from the squad, many fans were worried if Jimmy would be able to take up his mantle. His quality was seen from time to time, but many believed that he was not at the level of the former Homegrown goalkeeper.

Well, Jimmy’s proven them wrong, and then some: 83.3 Save Percentage (1st in league), 43.8 Clean Sheet Percentage (2nd in the league), .84 goals against per game (lowest in the league). He went from the second choice keep to Goalkeeper of the Year snub in a couple of months.

But most fans know that his best quality has always been his experience and leadership. Except for maybe Luchi, Jimmy is the most vocal player on the field every match, and that was heard this season especially, with fewer fans in the stadium. His experience helped solidify a defense that was shifting due to Reggie’s departure and Ziegler’s poor decision-making off the field. Jimmy’s is the sole reason for many of FC Dallas’ victories this season and hopefully will return next season with a new contract.

Phelipe Megiolaro: B-

Phelipe was signed in the middle of summer and was honestly one of the lesser-known big signings in MLS this offseason. A goalkeeper for Gremio, Phelipe fell down the pecking order at the Brazilian club, which allowed FC Dallas Technical Director and former Gremio Sporting Director Andre Zanotta to pick him up on a short-term loan with an option to buy. The Brazilian Goalkeeper has appeared for most Brazilian Youth National teams, even being the starter for the Brazilian Olympic Qualifier squad this past month.

Despite all of these accolades, he’s only appeared once for FC Dallas this season, in a 3-0 loss against Minnesota United in early November.

Even in the loss against Minnesota, Phelipe looked like a solid goalkeeper with a ton of upside. It made sense that he wasn’t appearing on the starting eleven with how well Jimmy was performing, but it wouldn’t make sense for FC Dallas to pay 2.5 million dollars for Phelipe if he wasn’t in contention to start next season. It will be interesting to see how the club proceeds this winter.

Kyle Zobeck: B-

Zobeck appeared in four matches this season, making his first appearance for the club despite having been at FC Dallas for four years (signed with the club in 2013, returned in 2018). He performed better than what most fans expected of a third-string keeper, which was a pleasant surprise. It was also amazing to see that his leadership skills mimicked those of Jimmy, making his transition into Jimmy’s spot seamless.

It would be surprising if FC Dallas doesn’t pick up his option. His connection with the club makes me think that he might become a coach at some point in the next couple of seasons, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

This was the first season since 2015 where more than two goalkeepers appeared for FC Dallas. What do you think of the letter grades?
Anyone I miss (besides Charlie Lyon)? Who do you think will be the starting goalkeeper next season?

Featured Image: The San Diego Union-Tribune
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