The Dallas Stars recently announced a partnership with PNC Bank, meaning that moving forward Victory Plaza will be known as PNC Plaza.
Cue the familiar sentiment from Stars fans.

“We don’t like it, we won’t call it that.” I somewhat relate to that, as I still call the old ballpark in Arlington, The Ballpark in Arlington. (Globe Life be damned.)

At what point does the ire of complaining fans become redundant? It seems as if now is that time.


Ask any of my close friends that are fellow hockey fans, I have been asking for more jerseys to buy from the Stars for years. Years I tell you. When the teaser dropped for what would be the blackout jerseys, I was ecstatic. Finally, I was going to have another outlet to literally throw my money into. The release came and went and the complaining began. “It’s not the throwback jersey I wanted. Where is the star pattern on the bottom of the jersey?” My content began.

Fast forward to a mere month later. The teaser comes out for the Reverse Retro jersey. The number 99 is paired with the similar color patterns of the current Stars jersey. It’s happening, we are getting our ode to the Cup-winning team throwback jersey that we all wanted.

The jersey drops, and so do the shoulders of most Stars fans. Not so faint moans and groans build to a resounding roar of toddler-like stomping fits. My content has peaked.


Why content? Why content for the fan-base that I am proud to be associated with for the team that I have loved for as long as I can remember? Well, simply put. This is about money. No matter how you shape it, hockey is still a business just as much as it is a sport. With the pandemic, the Stars lost millions upon millions of dollars in revenue due to fans not being able to attend games. Even more so due in part to the deep Stanley Cup run inside a fanless bubble. The NHL is hurting. Gary Bettman is squirming in his tiny suit. The NHL needs fans to load up on merchandise more than ever.

The PNC partnership with the team, the jerseys, it’s all for added revenue. Revenue that can go towards helping the team continue to be successful, on the ice and in the front office. Two years ago we had zero alternate jerseys. Now, a Winter Classic jersey and two more alternate jerseys later, all we do is complain. It could be worse. So much worse. Have you seen the football team in this city?

Also, might I suggest eBay for all your throwback retro needs?

I will leave you with this. There could have been much better results on both jerseys, but there aren’t. We can’t do anything to change that, unfortunately, but you don’t have to buy them.

It’s really as simple as that.
Just ask me, I still want the Mooterus back.

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