We’ve heard this story before, right?
The Dallas Stars, and their players being placed behind other teams and their players.

For the week of November ninth, the NHL power rankings from NBC Sports. Dallas ranks in at seventh.

Their explanation for their rankings:

“Simply put: Who is the best team on paper right now through the first month of the offseason?”

This is honestly fair. Taking the face value approach is reasonable since not even training camp gas started yet.

On October twenty-third NBC Sports had the Stars ranked even lower, placing tenth.

Their explanation at the time:

“For a team that came within two wins of winning the Stanley Cup, Dallas didn’t do much to improve its roster apart from re-signing its own players and signing Mark Pysyk.”

A few weeks later folks at NBCSN started liking the defending Western Conference Champions a little more.

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It’s not just the team that gets noses thumbed at either. John Klingberg, a first-line defenseman on the NHL’s top defensive team always has the critics on his back.

Over at this got pointed out back in March shortly after the covid pause.

“He is one of the top offensive defensemen in the league and is much better defensively than he tends to get credit for. Heck, he’s better in every area than he tends to get credit for.”

This certainly showed when Klinger launched those bombs from the point in the playoffs and got goals or assists via deflected goals.

Another reason for the Stars flying under the radar: playing hockey in Dallas, Texas. Dallas has done more than its share to prove it’s a hockey city. Texas is producing more, and more hockey players by the year. Including 2020 Stanley Cup champion Blake Coleman.

As stated by Laura Daly:

“28-year-old Blake Coleman is the firstborn and raised Texan to raise the Stanley Cup.”

In case anybody brings it up; Brian Leetch was born in Texas but grew up in Connecticut.

In a results-driven world, Dallas Stars Nation will take wins and success over the limelight any day.
That underdog role makes victories all the sweeter.

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