On Tuesday I took to my In to ask your questions about the Dallas Stars and hockey in general and you did not disappoint.

With the current downtime in hockey news, aside from the polarizing jersey releases, I wanted to know what questions you all had!

The questions are not my own, but the answers are.

Let’s give this mailbox trend a rip and see what you guys think!

What Are Your Thoughts on Hintz Taking So Long to Sign? // @ddenton77

I didn’t read too much into this. Thankfully the Stars had the right to negotiate with Hintz as he was a restricted free agent. I think the biggest takeaway is that the Stars were able to get Hintz on a great deal, a team-friendly deal, for the next three years.

Ultimately, the timing aspect is likely due to the long season, being inside the bubble. and decompressing.

I didn’t see the Stars letting Hintz even sniff free-agency, but after listening to head coach Rick Bowness preach about mental health, the front office was ready to take the time to let Hintz call them.

What Football Player, Currently in the NFL, Would Make the Best Hockey Player? // @Ohheyitsjess

I think this is a fascinating question that could take a lot of time to dive into. For one, you have to take into account the build of a hockey player versus that of a pro footballer, depending on their position.

For that reason, I am going to eliminate all offensive linemen. Something about the positions of wide receivers or defensive backs sticks out to me. Be the routes, the footwork, or the build, I could see someone coming out of that role and transitioning to hockey.

With all of that being said, I am going to say D.K. Metcalf. Mostly because the man is a freak of nature and I would think if he knew how to skate at that level he would fly.

Approximately how choice is the reverse retros? Show your work and explain your rationale.  // @mmitchell55

In my opinion. Very very choice my friend. I think the Stars fans should ease up and think about the fact that just a few seasons ago we had no alternates. We had a home and away jersey. Since then we have a Winter Classic, Blackout, and Reverse Retro jersey. But, this is the internet, and people are allowed to voice their opinions.

Add a dash of Dallas sports overreaction and that makes for a Twitter storm like no other. My question is, would you rather have those bland “Dallas” jerseys displaying what city the team came from just in case the opposing team forgot? I sure wouldn’t.

Enjoy the jerseys you like, buy the one you want. Don’t buy the ones you don’t like. Simple as that. (All hail the Mooterus!)

Off the Wall Questions

This is the point where you guys stopped being polite and started being real. (That’s for my 90’s people.)

What is Hockey? // @acreich

It’s a band.

Every Time There Is a Power Play, I Always Yell “Shoot It.” Is This Okay? // @jac_martinez

Live your life man. Don’t let me tell you what to do. (It’s not okay.)

Who Is the Hottest Stars Player? // @Ashelizschu

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