The Dallas Cowboys have a number of players that will be up for new contracts at the end of the season.

Let us take a look at who we could be saying bye to or who could be here to stay for a few more seasons.

QB Dak Prescott

First up is a player who will probably get all the attention this upcoming offseason: Quarterback Dak Prescott. As many know the Cowboys dropped the ball and failed to get Dak locked into a long-term contract this past year. He was franchise tagged and well, we all know what happened after that.

Prescott will almost definitely be staying. Jerry and Stephen Jones have been adamant that he is the leader of their team and the future of the Cowboys. The Cowboys currently have a top-three pick next season and could look at some quarterbacks coming out of college, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, but they know what they have in Prescott, and risking it all on a rookie does not seem to be the safest move.

OL Joe Looney

Up next is offensive lineman Joe Looney. Who does not love Joe Looney? He is a leader and class clown in the locker room, but is that enough to keep him around for 2021? Looney began the season as the Cowboys starting center after the retirement of Travis Frederick, but after an injury, he was replaced by rookie Tyler Biadasz. Biadasz has proven himself as a capable starter on the line and will most likely hold that position considering he is the future for Dallas.

Joe Looney could be kept as a safety net for future offensive line injuries and as a veteran, a status that has been looking scarce these days. Who the Cowboys draft will also play a factor in his future with the team. This one is up in the air. Looney could be going, but he could also be staying. There is a good argument for both sides.

LB Joe Thomas

Linebacker Joe Thomas will also be up for a new contract at the end of this season. Thomas has seen most of his snaps on the special teams unit, but after Leighton Vander Esch went down earlier this season he stepped into a starting role on the defense. While Thomas was not making the big splash plays that NFL fans like to see, he was a decent player.

Considering how thin the linebacker position is in Dallas, Thomas has a good shot at staying on the team.

CB Chidobe Awuzie

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The next man up for contract renewal is cornerback Chidobe Awuzie. Awuzie is no Byron Jones, but he is not a bad player. What he lacks in big plays like turnovers he makes up for in not getting burnt downfield.

The Cowboys cornerback situation is looking rough these days and even with a good draft at the position Awuzie probably needs to stay. With Diggs trending up and maybe adding another guy during the draft the Cowboys will still need a veteran player at the position. Awuzie will most likely be in Dallas in 2021 as long as he is not trying to break the bank.

CB Jourdan Lewis

The Cowboys have another cornerback on this list, Jourdan Lewis. Lewis has been somewhat of a disappointment this season. After last season Lewis seemed to be trending up at his position, but an injury and lackluster play has left his status on the team in question.

He could go either way. Maybe he is kept as a veteran presence or maybe the Cowboys decide that Awuzie can fill that role alone.

S Xavier Woods

Safety Xavier Woods will also be looking for a new contract in 2021. Woods is in the same place that Awuzie is. He is not the best safety out there, but he is a veteran at the position on a team that is even thinner at safety than cornerback.

He will probably be staying just out of a pure need for players in the position.

This is only about half the list of players that could be leaving Dallas in 2021, but these are the major guys that people will have questions about.

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