There is a consensus in the hockey world that Miro Heiskanen is an overlooked talented defenseman.
To be fair he has gotten more attention since the Stars’ playoff run that ended as a Stanley Cup runner-up, and Western Conference Champions.

Miro Heiskanen has gained some traction in the eyes of those in the media. NHL Network released their list recently of who they say are currently the top twenty defensemen. Miro checks in at number ten. Many would argue that’s too low on the list. Miro’s age, and having only two seasons thus far under his belt is probably are the reasons he’s not ranked higher.


Finishing third in the 2020 playoffs in points, and leading the way as a defenseman is certainly eye-popping.

Not only is Miro Heiskanen underrated as a player, but how he plays the game is said to be underestimated too. Because he is just finished his second NHL season as a twenty-one year old, his composure gets underestimated too.

Stars’ two way forward Jason Dickinson pointed this out in September.

“His poise is underrated. It doesn’t matter what happened last shift, last second, he’s going to do the same thing the next time,” Dickinson added. “If he loses the puck and they get a scoring chance, he’s going to try that move again, not sweat it.”

Even before his NHL playing career flying under the radar in some kind of way was nothing new for Miro. He was said to be overshadowed by other forwards in the 2017 draft.

“So, while forwards appear to be at the forefront of the news and have secured the top spots, Heiskanen could stay under the radar and be a defensive jewel that comes out this year’s draft class.”

Heiskanen, as a defenseman, was picked third overall in the draft that year by the Dallas Stars.

Some might question Miro Heiskanen’s toughness as an offensive defenseman. Miro showed the world another side of his play, and that he can play it physically as pictured above.

Another reason why Miro gets overshadowed in the NHL; because he plays for a hockey team based in a state in the sunbelt portion of the United States. If Miro played in a winter state, a more traditional market like Boston or Chicago, he would get more recognition. Another reason for the lack of attention for Miro is that he is From Finland. Not Canada, or the USA.

Does it really matter if Miro continues to get overlooked for the likes of Duncan Keith, John Carlson, or Victor Hedman?

There are already arguments for, and against it, but Stars fans are going to be much more interested in Miro lighting up the point sheet, backchecking, and playing an overall 200-foot game.

Regardless of credit, Heiskanen is arguably the best player wearing the victory green. That’s what really matters.

Featured Image: Dallas News
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