Excitement and expectations are always high during the NHL draft – especially for the first-round pick.

Mavrik Bourque has appropriately attracted a lot of hype this off-season. Namely for his offensive prowess. His use of his hands and puck movement are his biggest highlights.

As with any pick in an NHL draft, there will be criticisms. Or things for a prospect to shore up before he gets to the biggest stage. Amongst the many praises his defensive play, and work ethic was thrown into question.

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Above is a quick breakdown of Mavrik Bourque. Pros are something to get excited about. Upcoming touch-ups are natural for a young player.

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There was high praise from Steve Kourmianos.

“A highly-skilled playmaker with soft hands with a big-play proclivity, Bourque’s creativity, and vision are at the forefront of his distinctive style. He utilizes a lot of trickery, such as passes of the no-look, behind-the-back, saucer, and bank variety.”

“There are some questions about whether Bourque will remain a center at the NHL level. His face-off percentage was exactly 50% this season, which isn’t ideal, especially in major junior. He needs to work on his defensive consistency if he wants to be a reliable two-way player. There are times when he commits and is a reliable back-checker, but there are other times when he gives up on the play; he can be lazy in the defensive zone. He’s a fine skater, but he needs to improve his acceleration and straight-line speed.”

The criticism above is a bit rough, but anyone who wants to play in the most competitive hockey league in the world has to go through it.
If Bourque stays dedicated and continues his growth he can do great things. Hopefully sporting the victory green, black, and silver down the line.

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