The Dallas Stars officially unveiled their alternate or third jersey to the public.
The new jersey features a sleek design with black being the primary color but the trim and secondary logo are eye-popping neon green. The design resembles the Dallas skyline, mainly the Bank of America Plaza which is always lit up in neon green at night, except for special occasions.

Photo: Dallas Stars/Facebook

The “blackout” design as it is called was generally well-received by fans and created quite the buzz. It also got the “meme” treatment after being retweeted several times by many hockey social media profiles. The Stars will still wear their main victory green jerseys during most of the season but wear the blackout jerseys for about 12-15 games.

On 10/29, it was leaked that there would be a “reverse retro” jersey so that means the Stars will eventually have a fourth jersey.

I have no idea what design this fourth jersey will entail but I’m hoping it’s a throwback to the jersey used in the early 2000s. That home jersey showcased the forest green color with the gold, white, and black trim in the shape of a star. It could also be the jersey they used from 2007-2013 which featured a solid black design with “DALLAS” on the front and the Stars logo on each shoulder.

These new jerseys are another on the list for Stars fans to show their team pride. On game days, Stars fans don their gear to watch their team play. I saw fans wearing Stars merchandise everywhere I went in DFW during this latest Stanley Cup Final run.  For many, it is a superstition what they wear especially during the playoffs. I wore my old Joe Nieuwendyk jersey from the ’90s handed down to me by a friend for many playoff games. I stopped wearing my victory green jersey because the Stars were 0-3 during the Stanley Cup Final when I wore it. The Stars are 1-0 in Winter Classics when I wear that jersey so sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I think that many Stars fans can agree that the infamous bull jersey was the worst in Stars history. Nicknamed “The Mooterus,” this third jersey used from 2003-2006 was meant to resemble the constellation Taurus but became universally criticized and mocked by fans. For the Stadium Series and Winter Classic games, teams usually adopt a new style of jersey used for that game and sometimes others.

The long-awaited Winter Classic jersey was a big hit for Stars fans. These green jerseys with the “Big D” showcased the history of hockey in Dallas. These Winter Classic jerseys resembled those the Dallas Texans wore during their tenure from 1945-1949 in the USHL.

Stars jerseys mean much more to fans than just a piece of cloth. They showcase the history of the team. Fans make many memories while wearing one. Each individual jersey has its own story.

From the memories of going to games to the playoff runs, each jersey in mine and every fan’s closet shows that hockey is more than just a game to us.

Featured Image: Dallas Stars/Facebook
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