Right now, it didn’t look like it could get worse for the Dallas Cowboys; Dak Prescott, now Andy Dalton.
The luck of a Dallas Cowboys quarterback this season is getting slimmer and slimmer with each game.

The ankle injury of QB1, Dak Prescott, is known and accepted now by Cowboys Nation.

Since the injury to Prescott, the offense has been pretty much inexistent. The total score?

13 points in two games.

Andy Dalton has been a little short of treacherous during his time as a backup. It’s fair to give him a little slack with the multiple, extensive injuries to the offensive line, but there aren’t many changes Dalton makes to the disadvantage. The continuous fumbles, missed open receivers, and sacks opposing defenses were getting from this Dallas Cowboys offense have been hard to see. In the Washington game, the Cowboys were only able to put three points on the board before Andy Dalton got delivered an unacceptable hit from Jon Bostic; sending Dalton to concussion protocol and Bostic with an ejection.

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In the last few minutes of the game, it was time for the rookie, Ben DiNucci, to fill in at the third-string quarterback position. The highlights were expected from a rookie behind an injured offensive line. One 21-yard pass and completion to Amari Cooper and… that would be it. The Dallas Cowboys lost big to a rival this week but will face even bigger rivals coming off a well-rested win. The Philidelphia Eagles are 2-4-1, and although the Dallas Cowboys could get first place with a win, they are performing a lot better than their record. That puts Dallas in a tough place.

Some are calling for the front office to pick up another proven quarterback that could help the team a little if Dalton were to not pass concussion protocol for Sunday night.

While it may seem like a clear decision to do as much as possible to save the season, is it realistic and necessary?

The quarterback position, as bad as it is, is not the main problem of this Dallas team. And there’s a lack of heart and fire within the entirety of the team that a temporary, one-year deal quarterback will have little to no impact on. Players didn’t even come to defend or rally around Dalton when he got hurt. A lot of fans are calling for a tank season. It almost sounds ridiculous as so many changes were made in the offseason. However, to put it bluntly, the ability of Ryan Fitzpatrick or any other available quarterback will have no change in the season.

So, why not take your chances with DiNucci until Dalton is able to come back. The waste of money and draft position of a new “leader” will be put to bed by defensive, offensive, and coaching struggles this team is already plagued with.

Getting a brand new, shiny quarterback as a midseason bandaid wouldn’t be the most logical way to advance this team for the future. That may mean no new quarterback in exchange for sitting the rookie.
As hard as it is to hear, this Dallas Cowboys’ season may have to stick with its investments for the next season.

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