Fans and analysts across the NFL have wondered if the Dallas players are giving their top effort during games, or have they become too comfortable?

Many Cowboys fans can agree that so far, the 2020 season has not gone as they had hoped. Especially when it comes to the performance of the Cowboys defense.

Despite injuries and a new scheme that players cannot seem to grasp, another problem has arisen. Some players have looked lazy and unmotivated.

Safety Xavier Woods even admitted to players not giving their full effort all the time in a recent interview.

“I mean, on certain plays, some guys, me included, there may be a lack of effort, but overall, the effort is there. I mean, we’re in the NFL. You don’t expect guys going full-speed for 70 plays. That’s not possible.”

The worst part about this is it is not a new problem. Last season, especially toward the end, the Cowboys looked like they were not giving their full effort. Many people attributed it to the coaching from Jason Garrett and his staff. They figured after the hiring of Mike McCarthy and his staff these problems would be resolved.

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This continuous issue makes you wonder, is there a culture problem in Dallas?

Let us take a look at the Eagles, since their Super Bowl win in 2018 the team seemed to fall off and many sports reporters and personalities attributed some of their decline to the team still being stuck in their “Super Bowl high.”

Former Cowboys and Eagles cornerback, Orlando Scandrick, talked about this issue in an interview on Undisputed last year.

“I think they’re having a tough time dealing with success. Whenever you’ve got to say ‘Oh, we’re going to get it together. Oh, no one believes in us. Oh, it’s about us.’ You’re already doomed.”

Is it possible that the Cowboys have this same problem? That their immense success in the 90s led to a Super Bowl high that has invaded the organization all the way to the top.

Maybe the Cowboys are too comfortable. Despite not having a deep playoff run since 1995, the organization is talked about non-stop. The players are held at a higher level than most, and they are the richest sports franchise in the world.

This might be at the root of the Cowboys’ struggles and the lack of player effort. Everyone in the organization may already feel like they are at the top despite not really being at the top.

Some teams treat their players like parts in a machine, while the Cowboys seem to worship every new prospect the moment they enter the door. Nothing is wrong with treating players well if they perform well, but when do you they draw the line? When do they start treating the team as a business?

If this is a problem, it is time for the Cowboys to let go of the past.
They are no longer an NFL juggernaut and they need to recognize that.

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