No, it wasn’t a bad dream.

Watching last night’s game was going to have its times of unpredictability. The Dallas Cowboys have that history of inconsistency that makes you nervous for each game. Never in watching this game did Cowboys Nation think they would lose their number one quarterback to a gruesome injury.


The injury, a compound fracture, and dislocation in Prescott’s right ankle came out of absolutely nowhere. It was a shocking, gutting moment that really shook the league around.

Dak Prescott was having an amazing year.

Despite his turnovers mostly due to a leaky, injured offensive line, Prescott was breaking and setting records with every game he played in, Prescott was on a history-making pace within the first four games of the season after having 1,856 passing yards within one-fourth of the season.

If he would have kept pace, Prescott would have thrown 6,760 yards this season. That blows the current record, 5,477 yards held by Peyton Manning in his 2013 season with the Denver Broncos, right out of the water.

The stats almost seemed pointless due to the 1-3 record held by the Dallas Cowboys.

“I’d give all those yards back for a different record. I care about one stat and that’s to win,” says Prescott.

Photo: Dallas Cowboys

The question of Prescott’s future is on the mind of many right now. Fractures are nothing short of very serious, and they can be detrimental to any player’s career. In the meantime, there aren’t any altering changes. Prescott is playing on the franchise tag, and he will get his money even on the injured reserve list. Jerry Jones has alluded to his leadership staying in Dallas, but as always, don’t hold The Joneses to 100 percent. Depending on how recovery goes for Dak he could be looking to prove himself back to the same Dak next season as this will be a process. A process of 4-6 months to be exact.

The question of Dak and his previous contract agreement that he declined is irrelevant. Only people of no sympathy and morals were quick to talk about the “greed” Prescott had, but that’s something that should also be ignored. Dak Prescott has played his heart out in every game he has ever had with the Dallas Cowboys. Win or lose.

And as Tony Romo called, audibly choked up by the unfortunate occasion:

“The kid has never missed a start.”

Andy Dalton is now QB1 and the road to see where this season will go without Dak Prescott begins. It’s something the league has never seen before. In an already disappointing start of the season, Dallas Cowboys fans took the final blow of the gun with this injury.

Watching Prescott carted off the field pouring tears is an image most would like to forget. Injuries do happen in football, in fact, they happen almost every game. However, Dak is one that many NFL fans, even if you despise the Dallas Cowboys, would like to undo. Dak Prescott is the epitome of a great person, a great player and it is an outright shame this had to happen.

All are wishing for a safe and fast recovery for Dak Prescott.

Featured Image: Dallas Cowboys
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