Shin Soo-Choo originally signed a 7 year deal with the Rangers in 2013, with Choo finishing out the contract this past season.

Now at 38 years old, what should the Rangers do with Choo?

Technically, the Rangers CAN’T do anything with the veteran outfielder and DH since he’s not under contract, but some might think it would be smart to bring the veteran back on a short term contract.

There’s no mistake the Rangers have taken a big step with their youth in the organization by bringing rising stars to the majors, but Choo adds a veteran that will lead by example and give the younger players someone to emulate.

Choo has expressed before the season ended that he would like to continue to play in 2021:

“First of all, I can still play this game. What I’ve done, a couple of more years, I can still do it. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I say I want to play, but you never know. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the offseason.”

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Over his 7 year contract, Shin Soo-Choo has been somewhat consistent, playing in at least 120 games in 5 of 7 seasons with the team. He hit .260 at the plate with a .363 on-base percentage. Mainly the leadoff hitter for the Rangers since he came to town, he’s performed well, even before he signed with the team. In his career as a leadoff hitter of the game, he has a .320 batting average with 36 home runs .410 on-base percentage.

In 2020, the Rangers had a .250 batting average with the leadoff hitter of the game, and just a .201 average with the leadoff hitter of the inning. Lacking in that area could be fixed with a short term deal with Choo.

The fact of the matter is this: the Texas Rangers are looking toward their future with younger players at the cusp of being MLB ready. However, not ALL of them will be ready. Shin Soo-Choo could be a veteran that fills a spot, produces, and teaches at the same time for the team.

The focus is on youth for the Rangers, but what they should do with Choo is pretty obvious.
Sign the man to a short term deal and let him work.

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