Everyone saw the trainwreck that was the near blowout loss to the Cleveland Browns.
No one was even near amazing in this game, and changes made in the offseason are starting to look meaningless.

There are a lot of things going wrong with this Dallas Cowboys team.

Let’s take a look at some areas of this team: defense, offense, special teams, and most importantly, the coaching.

Let’s figure this out.

Special Teams

There was a lot of praise coming to the special teams with the end of the Atlanta Falcons game. And to be fair, they deserve some credit. However, the problems on special teams come to light more and more each game.

Let’s talk about two players: Greg Zuerlein and Tony Pollard. The missed kicks have a lot to do with the game’s outcome. And the incompetence that Pollard seems to have when it comes to gathering a punt is questionable. It’s schemes that have to sharpen up.


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The offense has been in between good and great. The turnovers are a hit, but other than that, there is huge potential with this offense. With that being said, The next sentence might be very controversial. There will not be any complaints about the offense until the defense gives them a chance to win a game.

Yes, even the turnovers. Sounds crazy?

It is known that momentum is huge, and when the defense is in a slump, that pulls down the offense. Dak Prescott has 1,690 yards and 12 touchdowns. There is no reason why the offense has to score 50 points a game for there to be a chance to win. So even though the offense has been far from perfect, there are no complaints. Still, sounds crazy? It should.


Wow. That sums up it up nicely. The Dallas Cowboys have the worst defense in the NFL. This is the third game where a team has scored 35+ points. They have given up 138 points in four games. The inability to tackle, the costly penalties, and a lot more are causing the Cowboys to drop down a tier. Sad to say, but the most proactive defense players are a man who hasn’t played in five years and a rookie who didn’t even have the benefit of a preseason. The Hot Boyz left their heat in 2018, and it’s costing the team big time.

Coaching and Jerry Jones

Playcalling is suspicious for Kellen Moore. The constant 1st down runs and play screens that do not work are getting old. And sometimes it seems that he does seem to want to adjust. Mike Nolan is not doing good at all.

Who really needs to be held accountable is the front office. Jerry Jones sees the trainwreck that is this team, yet he’s hesitant to fix things. It doesn’t make sense.

The Dallas Cowboys are 1-3, and if they have any hope of turning things around, they will take notes of changes that need to happen.

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