The Cowboys watched another one-score game end the wrong way on Sunday, as they were beaten by the Seahawks, 38-31.
The first three games have all come down to the final drive as Dallas sits at 1-2.

We, as Cowboys fans, are quick to point to injuries or just a lack of talent as the reason the Cowboys have been so underwhelming. Those are both valid reasons as the injuries to the offensive line and the defensive back seven have led to less talented players getting snaps and for whatever reason, Jerry Jones is either oblivious or dumb and will not bring much-needed secondary help in (Earl Thomas).

If the Cowboys were at full strength on both sides of the ball maybe we are 3-0, but probably not.

From what I can tell, this team’s issues go deeper than just injuries. This is not a disciplined team at all.

Whether it is penalties or muffed punts, the Dallas Cowboys seem to continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Dallas played a bad game on Sunday and lost by seven points to a top team in the NFL. That game was absolutely winnable. But stupid penalties held this team back. Turnovers held this team back.

The good news is, these are fixable issues. The bad news is that they have always been fixable and for 10 years we watched our head coach do nothing about them.

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Mike McCarthy has got to find some way to get this team to play near-perfect football.

If the front office really does not want to make this team better using outside help, which is ridiculous to me, then the Cowboys have to find a way to eliminate mistakes and play flawless football going forward.

There have been a lot of negatives through the first three games of the year. They turned the ball over three times against a really good Seattle team and still only lost by one score. The Cowboys turned the ball over three times against the Falcons in week two and still won the game. The Cowboys committed seven penalties in the week one loss to the Rams and still had a chance to win at the end of the game. These are all correctable.

Dallas has the talent, now they just need to cut out the unnecessary mistakes.

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