It’s a little early to predict Comeback Player of the Year, but it’s not too early to know that Aldon Smith is deserving of a place on that nominee list.

The Dallas Cowboys’ defense has been called out week after week for being inconsistent and borderline mediocre, but Aldon Smith is taking those claims and putting them behind him with his continuous stellar performances through the third week of the season. And he is only getting better.

Aldon Smith was officially reinstated into the NFL in late May and got to make an impression with the Cowboys before finally signing with the team. He is back to rushing the quarterback and making hits after a very long hiatus.

Smith has not played a snap in the National Football League since he played his last regular-season game in 2015 with the previously named Oakland Raiders.

Smith’s personal life ran into issues with suspensions involving drug and substance abuse that ended up sidelining the talented player for that long of a time.

The derailment was not going to be a stop for another comeback career.

Smith’s career went above and beyond the potential that has been shown in these last three weeks. The old Aldon Smith has come to show up and show non-believers that he still has it in him. In his time with the San Francisco 49ers, Smith had his all-time high record for sacks within a singular season with 19.5. According to Pro Football Reference, Smith had a career-high of 95 quarterback hits, 51 sacks, and 200 combined tackles. All in five years while overcoming his own personal obstacles.

Aldon Smith is getting impressive this season. It can’t be stressed enough.

The man who has been out for five whole years, and has not played a snap since is leading the NFL in sacks ahead top names like the Watt brothers and Akiem Hicks. It was excessively impressive the last game against the Seahawks. It’s not easy to bring down Russell Wilson. So, when you manage to do so three times, that’s something to be considered special.

The Dallas Cowboys defense brings a very dim light to the team as a whole with the last two games very score-heavy for their opponents. Aldon Smith is the exception that needs to be talked about. The fight and persistence Smith brings to the already struggling defense can hopefully bring some pressure back and lead to recovering the title of the “Hot Boyz”.

It is a great thing that Aldon Smith is doing so well in this redemption season of his, and it’s a wonderful chance given to him by Jerry and company. This is a performance that is worthy of the CPOY award, and it’s not close to the end of the season. That’s how well Smith is performing and rising above.

If he keeps up this pace of excellence, there is no telling where it will lead him.

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