Stars fans as well as both Dallas, and national media have caught onto how close the team in Victory Green is.
Especially in the bubble, the Stars are making the most of their playoff journey that already includes a Stanley Cup Finals appearance.

Like all of the other teams getting around is not much of an option in these unique times. All teams that qualified for a playoff spot via round-robin or the qualifiers have been quarantined in either the city of Edmonton or Toronto.

The Stars are getting familiar with one another more than ever. Becoming closer can pays dividends on the ice.

Stars’ General Manager Jim Nill gave an inside scoop on the team’s life inside the bubble after the Stars eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights in five games in the Western Conference Finals.

“We have a big lounge area here where we eat our meals and get together for meetings,” Dallas general manager Jim Nill said Tuesday.

“To watch the staff, the players, some guys that have never lived this before, it was very exciting. We know there’s another step to this yet, but we all agreed last night, ‘Let’s enjoy the moment, let’s have some fun with it.’ They deserved that. Today, it’s on to the final stage.”


Perhaps the biggest highlight of a player being a committed teammate has been goalie Anton Khudobin. Recognized around the entire NHL for his fun, and outgoing personality.

While he is a bright character he also is a great competitor on the ice who has led the team to their best season in two decades.

Khudobin elaborated on what makes Dobby, Dobby.

“I think I’ve got to ask my parents about it,” Khudobin said. “I don’t know. I like to have fun with the guys. I like to just enjoy the practices, enjoy the games. Even if I am not playing, I try to protect my guys and try to help them, whatever I can. I can easily bring them water or orange juice or whatever at the intermissions.”

“That’s normal with me. I just try to be helpful. Even if I am not playing, I of course am thinking about it. At the same time, I don’t want to be cancer in the room.”

That is who Dobby is. A genuine, lovable person and teammate.

It’s not just Anton Khudobin who bonds with fellow teammates. Especially in the bubble. Collectively everyone in Edmonton who’s been quarantined for a couple of months gets in on the bonding.

Blake Comeau summarized how the team has adjusted to life in the bubble.

“At this point, it kind of just feels like that’s the norm,” forward Blake Comeau said.

“We’ve been for so long, and we’ve all kind of been into a routine. You don’t have a whole lot of options for entertainment, so I think we’ve really bonded as a team, just being around each other in the lounge, playing cards, hanging out, eating meals together.”

In these unique times, the team as well as the rest of the personnel have made the most of things.
Different, and challenging times can truly bring others closer together.

Featured Image: Jeff Toates/Dallas Stars
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