No, you were not the only one to turn your TV off late in the fourth quarter.
You shouldn’t have tough because the Dallas Cowboys were down 39-24 with a little less than 5 minutes left in the last quarter, had the largest deficit of 20 points, and somehow ended the game in an exhilarating win.

This early Sunday game was a heartbreak turned nailbiter turned heart attack, and here are the players that led this 40-39 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Whole Offense…Minus the O-Line

The fumbles were the main part of the stress-inducing first quarter of the game, two of them belonging to Ezekiel Elliot, one being called and the other leading to point on the board for Atlanta. Besides that, Elliot looked great in the second half producing 89 yards of steamrolling drives and runs. The old Ezekiel Elliot returned and it couldn’t have been better.

That Amari Cooper catch? Enough said.

Noah Brown took one for the team with an amazing reception and a hard hit. CeeDee’s 37-yard catch woke the offense up when it mattered. And Michael Gallup doing what he does best. All of the receivers deserve some kind of spotlight in today’s game.

Trysten Hill

The defense was terrible. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

Despite the win, letting the Atlanta Falcons in the state they are in right now put 39 points up on the board is ridiculous for the talent-filled defense. One player stood out amongst the atrocity and that was Trysten Hill. Hill made a couple of stops and tackles that really saved the team from getting further embarrassed.

Hill has caught some heat this last season and this past offseason for not stepping up, and this game proved some difference. He did some damage while some of his veteran defensive teammates sat on their hands and knees.

Greg Zuerlein and John Fassel

We owe a lot of that win to Greg the Leg and John Fassel. The Cowboys were very known for having a damaging special teams unit, and not damaging in a positive sense. Being last, or very near, in almost special teams category, it was a treat to watch the Cowboys actually recover an onside kick. When is the last time you’ve seen that?

To top it off the game-sealing field goal to win the game could not have come at a better time thanks to Zuerlein.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott showed out. Seriously. The first player in NFL history to have 450 passing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns in one singular game does not happen to average quarterbacks. With consistent fumbling, inconsistent coaching, and a silent defense, Prescott put this game on his back and did what a leader is supposed to do.

He’s the winner of this game.

This game is a great definition of any given Sunday. Football creates rarity that can either work in your favor or very much against it. Cowboys were on the receiving end of that luck. It’s still Week 2, and there are much tougher opponents coming up

(*cough* Seahawks *cough*)

However, this game was much needed and the deflection of starting 0-2 was much needed.

It is important that the Dallas Cowboys take this game and use it as fuel and animosity for these upcoming weeks.
They are very likely going to need it.

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