From goal-scoring cellies to postgame jokes, nobody brings energy to the club quite like Alexander Radulov. While everybody who plays in the NHL will show emotion very few are as recognizable as number forty-seven in victory green.
As much fun as he is for the fans, and the team a (productive) character like Rads is vital to success on the ice as well as in the locker room.

Not only is Alexander Radulov a charismatic hockey player he also brings intensity, competitiveness to the ice. He is certainly viewed as an interesting character who dishes a positive spirit and results for his team.

(Interim) head coach Rick Bowness had glowing remarks for Rads.

“One of the more interesting individuals I’ve coached over 38 years, I can tell you that,” Stars interim coach Rick Bowness said.

“One thing about Rads, you can forget all this other stuff, when the puck drops, he works. Practice, he works. He’s a true professional in that way. The guys love him. We all have our own personalities. We all have our own way of doing things, and Rads is no exception to that.”

We can also start calling Alexander Radulov “Mr. OT” with his two (thus far) overtime goals. The first game against the Calgary Flames in round one game four. The other coming against the Vegas Golden Knights Game 3 of the West Finals.

Whether he deflects a John Klingberg shot, or snipes off the post and in Radulov simply gets it done past sixty minutes. He also has six other goals in regulation.

Media heads such as Mike Heika covering the Stars also recognize Rads as a big-time performer, such as this piece.

‘If you want to find a big goal for the Stars this season, look no further than Alexander Radulov.”

Former Star/fellow Russian Sergei Zubov weighed in on Radulov as well.

“He was the top player on any team he played on growing up. What else can you say?” said Sergei Zubov, the Stars’ Hall of Famer and senior consultant to hockey operations.

“The brightest character, the brightest warrior that I’ve seen for the past generation of Russian hockey players.”


Alexander Radulov has fun with his team, and his well know goal celebrations. He can also be a riot in his post games too.

Here’s a take from Stars’ game three win over the Vegas Golden Knights.

“I was flying, no skating, on the other side of the ice, and it was kind of nobody there. (Pavelski) made a good pass, got into the zone, closed my eyes, and shot it,” said Radulov, later making it clear that he was only joking.

“Come on, I didn’t close my eyes … He’s a good goalie and there’s not a lot of room. I was lucky to beat him.”

Radulov clearly likes to have fun during his pressers. But this is part of the fabric that makes him so much fun with his team and adds to the production on the ice.
Thus making him a spark plug amongst the team.

Featured Image: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
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