A whole global pandemic later, and the Dallas Cowboys have played a football game again.
After being marketed as the “new and improved” Cowboys, the Dallas team we saw on Sunday looked all too similar to the Cowboys we have been watching for years.

2020 has been quite a year. So many huge events have brought about such huge change and so many people have been looking for any sort of continuity to make this year feel somewhat familiar.

Don’t worry people, the Dallas Cowboys did not change.

They still make you think they will be different on Sunday morning, only to leave you sad, but not shocked by Sunday night.

Yes, this is only week one. The lack of preseason and the truncated training camp could have a lot to do with the sluggish look.

The offense is obviously talented, but once again, playcalling held them back.

Player Highlights

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott looked as great as I have seen him since his rookie days, Dak Prescott looked solid, Amari Cooper was quiet but effective, CeeDee Lamb was as advertised, and Michael Gallup looked as though he had made the game-saving play only for it to be called back as an offensive interference, which by the way, was an awful call. You would think with all of those notes, the Cowboys must have put up 30 points.

Nope. Something is still holding them back.

Maybe it is playcalling or maybe it is the weakened offensive line, that was tortured and terrorized by Aaron Donald all night long. It’s funny… I would never guess that the Cowboys’ offensive line would be what ended up holding this offense back.

Aldon Smith and Trevon Diggs

Aldon Smith and Trevon Diggs were both bright spots, but other than an Awuzie interception, the rest of the defense did not look good at all. The Rams were able to dink-and-dunk all over them. Aw man, if only there was a Multi-Pro Bowl, future Hall of Fame safety sitting out there, waiting for a team to give him a call.

The difference in the Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy team was made very clear when McCarthy and Moore decided to go for it on fourth and three, inside of the red zone, down by three points, instead of just kicking the field goal to tie the game.

This call, albeit aggressive, would end up costing the Cowboys the game, and we know from experience that Jason Garrett would have kicked that.

vs Atlanta Falcons

The Cowboys will have a chance to redeem themselves on Sunday against the Falcons. Atlanta’s offense looked very strong, and I’m curious and a little bit terrified to see what Dallas will do to cover Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Russell Gage (all 100-yard receivers last week).

On the other hand, though, the Falcons defense gave up 38 points to the Seahawks. Next week will be a great opportunity to see just how high-powered this offense can be.

The Dallas Cowboys play the Atlanta Falcons at home at 12 CT on Sunday afternoon.

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