FC Dallas has returned to playing MLS games after a lengthy delay due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After a few games under their belt, things seem to be shaky for FC Dallas but there is hope that Dallas will find their footing once again.

Let’s discuss what has happened and what is in store for Luchi Gonzalez and his team.

Last Game: @ Houston Dynamo

FC Dallas played their first of two scheduled games of the Texas Derby in Houston. While Dallas came away with a point without conceding a goal, they have remained shutout in the last three games.

Matt Hedges broke the FC Dallas record for all-time MLS appearances with his 248th appearance, overtaking Jason Kries.

“It means a lot,” Hedges said about breaking the record. “Obviously, to be that player for a club is a really special thing and I’m glad it was in Dallas. They took a chance on me and drafted me even though I had a bad combine and fell down the draft charts. So, I’m glad to just get a chance and look what it’s turned into. It’s really cool.”

Hedges also put in a strong defensive performance along with Jimmy Mauer who made 6 saves, keeping FC Dallas in the match. The defense kept FC Dallas in the game and did well to subdue the attacking success that the Dynamo were having.

Luchi Gonzalez went for a 3-4-3 / 3-5-2 formation, hoping to have more success than he did in the first game after the restart.

This new formation had limit success in the first-half as they Dynamo dominated the possession and created significantly more chances.

Photo: FC Dallas

The defense did well to keep FC Dallas level, the attacking play found little success.

“I thought [the] first half we didn’t generate much, crosses weren’t hitting players so that’s something we have to continue to improve,” Coach Gonzalez said after the match.  “[The] second half we generated a little more offensively. We had some quick counters and I thought we could’ve been dangerous and actually scored two or three of them.”

Luchi Gonzalez will be wanting his attack to be firing on all cylinders after going scoreless over three games. Will a new formation or the inclusion of Franco Jara solve this problem? The new formation has had some success but has also left some desiring more.

Next Game: vs Colorado Rapids

After going 3 games without scoring, FC Dallas will be looking to break this streak against the Rapids.

The defense is finding its rhythm and faced a serious test against the Dynamo. There is plenty of competition within the midfield with Brandon Servania having made his return from injury, Paxton Pomykal has proven to be a needed creative force, and Thiago Santos has done well to shield the backline and win balls.

Franco Jara has started the last three games and still is getting used to his new team and the Texas climate. FC Dallas is missing the final touch and/or pass that can really unlock the scoring potential the team holds with the likes of Jara, Ondrusek, and Barrios.

Luchi Gonzalez has already played two matches with a 3-man backline and there is an indication that Gonzalez wants to have another option for his team. A 3-man backline gives FC Dallas more flexibility with its shape and creates a man advantage in the attack and defense.

Does Luchi Gonzalez use the shortened 2020 season to teach his team the new formation, or is there a genuine belief that this is the best formation for the club moving forward?

As the season progresses, that question may get answered and Luchi Gonzalez has some options in his personnel and formation against Colorado.

That’s what has happened and is in store for FC Dallas.
Until next week.

Featured Image: FC Dallas
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